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SEA Search for BLACK Cocoa powder

girlniteowl Jul 11, 2006 01:18 AM

Hello all,

I need some help finding BLACK cocoa powder. I want to try this recipe for faux "hostess" cupcakes and they call for black cocoa powder. From what I understand, it is like a Dutch process cocoa, only more "Dutched" and extra dark, if that makes sense.

Here's where I've looked: Trader Joe's (Capitol Hill), big Broadway QFC, looked on PFI's website but not the store, Ravenna Whole Foods, Capitol Hill Safeway, Madison Market, World Merchant Spices (shot in the dark); meant to check last time I was at Central in Shoreline but forgot. I'm sure I've looked other places, too. Lots of places have the Droste dutch cocoa, but I specifically need the black stuff.

I'd like to find it locally instead of getting it online. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  1. hertzdonut RE: girlniteowl Jul 11, 2006 04:15 AM

    Chocolateman.net is a mail-order joint out of lake Forest Park - he sells it. It might be your best option.
    You can thank me with some cupcakes.

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      Snapdragon RE: girlniteowl Jul 11, 2006 06:46 PM

      You might try calling the Home Cake Decorating Supply store at 95th and Roosevelt, If they don't sell black cocoa, they'll probably know who does.
      (206) 522-4300.

      If mail order turns out to be the best option, try King Arthur Flour.

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