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Jul 11, 2006 01:18 AM

SEA Search for BLACK Cocoa powder

Hello all,

I need some help finding BLACK cocoa powder. I want to try this recipe for faux "hostess" cupcakes and they call for black cocoa powder. From what I understand, it is like a Dutch process cocoa, only more "Dutched" and extra dark, if that makes sense.

Here's where I've looked: Trader Joe's (Capitol Hill), big Broadway QFC, looked on PFI's website but not the store, Ravenna Whole Foods, Capitol Hill Safeway, Madison Market, World Merchant Spices (shot in the dark); meant to check last time I was at Central in Shoreline but forgot. I'm sure I've looked other places, too. Lots of places have the Droste dutch cocoa, but I specifically need the black stuff.

I'd like to find it locally instead of getting it online. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  1. is a mail-order joint out of lake Forest Park - he sells it. It might be your best option.
    You can thank me with some cupcakes.

    1. You might try calling the Home Cake Decorating Supply store at 95th and Roosevelt, If they don't sell black cocoa, they'll probably know who does.
      (206) 522-4300.

      If mail order turns out to be the best option, try King Arthur Flour.