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Jul 11, 2006 12:12 AM

Corn on a stick?

Does anyone know where to get corn on a stick smothered with cheese (queso blanco) and chili powder as Jack Black was eating in Oaxaca in Nacho Libre?

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  1. pretty much any cuban restaurant has it. they have excellent grilled corn at cafe habana on prince at elizabeth street. it's grilled, coated in queso blanco, sprinkled with chili powder, and served with a wedge of lime. unfortunately, cafe habana is frequently crazily crowded. if you go before peak time you should be able to sit fairly quickly. their other food is very good, too.

    alternatively, westville also serves this kind of corn, but it is not very good.

    1. Cafe Habana has the to-go side which should be a bit faster.

      1. Get your bum down to the Red Hook ballfields on the weekend. A Latin food wonderland, and at least 2 of the vendors offer grilled corn with a dressing close to what you describe. Authentic and cheap.

        1. a great alternative to cafe habana is cafecito on ave c. their fried steak is fantastic! and great drinks too. often VERY crowded as well.

          1. If you're in Harlem, there's a guy who operates out of a shopping cart - he roasts the corn using coals in an aluminum tray and keeps the mayo/cheese in a cooler that he sits on between customers. Not exactly Cafe Habana level of ambience but it was the best elote I've ever had, and cheap! Last time I saw him he was at 116th/Lexington.