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Best Steak Frites in Montreal

I will be in Montreal for two nights for a business trip staying at the Sheraton Downtown. Are there any good places to have Steak Frites near my hotel. I appreciate it.

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  1. Do you want the best steak frites or do you want something near your hotel?

    If you're willing to pay through the nose and/or are on an expense account, you might find one place that comes close to satisfying both criteria, though they'd probably, er, bridle at being thought of as a steak-frites joint: La Queue de Cheval www.queuedecheval.com

    Also downtown is L'Entrecôte Saint-Jean (2022 Peel, 514 281-6492). Some love it though it's been panned frequently on food boards, including by me.

    Classic steak frites will be found at any number of bistros. Brasserie Holder's is first rate (and a friend recently gave the fries a glowing review) and the locale is not that far from downtown. Otherwise, set your sights on the Plateau (L'Express at 3927 Saint-Denis, 514 845-5333, Le Continental www.lecontinental.ca or Au Pied de Cochon www.restaurantaupieddecochon.ca if you don't mind your beef being venison and the cut being flank) or Outremont (Leméac www.restaurantlemeac.com ). In an informal poll on that other food board, my nominee, Leméac's hanger steak and fries, was the all-around favourite, though the last time I ordered it I was disappointed with the meat. Here's hoping I caught them on an off night.

    1. While not exactly in walking distance from your hotel, Joe Beef makes a mean hangar steak. The Taverne on the Square also does a superb steak. I would also second Carswells' recommendation of Pied du Cochon, L'Express, and Lemeac.

      1. Two other places, both within walking distance where I have had good steaks downtown were Le Grand Cafe and Restaurant Julien both on rue Union, the former was with green pepper sauce, the latter a classic steak frites. Mas des Oliviers (rue Bishop) also makes good steaks although I don't recall ever seeing any frites there; they don't always put all the steak options on the printed menu, so ask if you go.


        1. I second LeMeac. great steakfrites. like the service as well.

          1. I recently had the bavette et frites at Garde Manger in Old Montreal and was blown away!

            1. Any recent visits to Lemeac trying their steak frites(hanger steak)? After all the raves about their hanger steak, I finally tried it for the first time 2 months ago & I was disappointed. Carswell mentioned that the last time he tried their steak frites he was disappointed. I had ordered mine medium-rare. Should I have requested medium? And should a hanger steak be always cut at a bias?

              1. Lemeac is the best for me, never had a off-night

                1. I must second the recommendation at Garde Manger. I was blown away as well by the bavette. Far better than the one at Lemeac (and I like the one at Lemeac).

                  Au Pied de Cochon also makes a great steak, but I could never see myself ordering it in so far as their other dishes grab my attention.

                  1. FWIW, I had a pretty respectable bavette at Meat Market on St. Laurent (near Marie-Anne) a few weeks ago. Served with fries that were a mix of sweet and regular potato.

                    More of a hipster resto than an uppity (with a DJ, so it can get a bit loud), but that bavette was really tasty, and perfectly cooked.

                    1. A big big fan of MeatMarket here. I've had their marinated bavette many times it is probably one of my favorite dishes there. Their ribs are also delicious and a cut above Baton Rouge. So BR fans take a trip to MeatMarket and you won't be dissapointed. They've also got a varied selection for their meat of the day which changes only about once a week. They definately don't skimp on quality that is for sure! Best bang for your buck in this city for food, ambiance and atmosphere! You can also checkout what else they offer on their menus at www.meatmarketfood.com

                      1. We went to Braserie Holder a few months back; the steak was perfectly cooked, rich with butter and shallots. The fries, while damn good, were way - and I mean way- over salted. If you go, you might want to ask for reduction in the salt...incidently, some of the best service I have had in some time. These servers are pro's; perfect combination of attentiveness, friendliness, but yet keeping a formality about the entire affair.

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                          Ditto on the service at Holder. I went there recently and loved everything about it except for the fries being a little on the soggy side.