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Jul 10, 2006 11:12 PM

Wilsons in Culver City

Have you been? Give me your thoughts - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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  1. We had lunch there just before they got their liquor license. The food was excellent: tomato soup with little toasted cheese sandwiches for croutons, beautiful carpaccio of golden trout, everything thoughtfully prepared, attentive staff. My only complaint is that the prices are a little high: $10 for soup, etc. but everything was good. Try it!

    1. Here is their website link to help a little with the menu, even though it also seems very new and not overly informative as of now.

      Report back your thoughts as well.

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        carter, are you saying they're changing up the menu since they opened as in no rabbit slopping joe or burger with short ribs on the menu anymore?

        anwyays, from the menu, it sounds like it might be good if a little expensive. what with sanddwiches in the high teens.

        also, the location in the building along washington does not really show it off as a restaurant. there's only a sign that says "Wilson", but it does not look inviting from the outside, looks like it would be more of an internet co. than a restaurant.

        1. re: carter

          Thanks very much. This was a great help.

        2. Trying for dinner tomorrow night...anyone have recommendations for dinner ordering? All previous posts seem to be about lunch menu...

          1. Had dinner at Wilson's last Friday night after my husband and some work colleagues went for lunch that same day and came back raving about the B.E.L.T. and burger they had at lunch. We sat inside at one of the high tables and let Vincent our server drive the evening. We started with the stuffed calamari then their fig/potato ravoli in a cream fondue sauce (they call this their "crack" sauce and I now know why - we wanted to lick the plate it was so good). Next we had an asparagus and beet salad followed by the pesto chicken that was supposed to served with Wasabi mashed potatoes but they had run out by the time we got to ours so it was served with polenta. This was the most tender and tasty chicken I have had in a long time. Vicent then threw in a cheese course and last put not least we had a dessert of white chocolate soup with avocado ice cream - sounds weird but actually it was really good.

            Forgot to include we started with a glass of Proseco and then had a wonderful bottle of Italian white wine - sorry I forgot the name - go see Vincent he will take care of you.

            I am happy for the Dudley 5, Piccolio and La Botte crew as they have another winner on their hands.

            Ford's Filling Station now has some competition in the neighborhood.

            1. I went to Wilson twice, once for lunch, and then for thier opening party. Check out the photos on my blog. The food was very good, just slightly pricey.