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Jul 10, 2006 10:35 PM

Sandor's European Cuisine in Seagrove Beach - comments?

My mother is originally from Hungary, and I found this place Sandor's European Cuisine on County Rd. in Seagrove Beach that does Hungarian food. We will be at the Majestic Sun in Miramar Beach. This would be such a treat for Mom's birthday and mine, and I love Hungarian food too. Can't find a home page or menu or anything other than casual reference with average entrees at $30 pp. This would be a major investment for 5 of us, so I want to check out that it would be worth it. Anyone heard of this place? TIA.

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  1. I believe Sandor's closed last year; we were so disappointed because we wanted to experience it when we were in Destin in February. I understand that he was going to re-open somewhere else, in another state, but I don't know where. It would be well worth it if it is open - I understand that the restaurant has only a few tables and Sandor does all of the cooking himself; it is supposed to be an amazing dining experience.