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Jul 10, 2006 10:21 PM

Where to Eat? -- Boreum Hill / Cobble Hill / Carroll Gardens

Where do you guys like in this hood?

I like:

Bedouin Tent & Zaytoons (pitzas and middle-eastern food)
Court Street Bakery (cookies and italian ice)
Joya (thai, in spite of the mob scene)
Ferdinando’s (panelle sandwiches)
Soul Spot (take-out soul food)
Schnack (burgers & beers, in spite of weird owner)

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  1. I'll agree that Soul Spot and Ferdinando are very good, but the last few times at Joya I was served barely-identifiable glop. I'm not sure it was ever that good, but it has certainly gone way downhill recently. Em on Smith St. is a much better option for Thai.

    There are a ton of posts about good options in the neighborhood. Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

    Robin du Bois
    Hill Diner for brunch

    1. I go to Bar Tabac, but more for the atmosphere than the food. The bistro fare is unexceptional.

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        1. My local favorites, also in no order:

          Robin des Bois (for chicken on a board)
          Sample (for a light meal of artisinal cheese/meats/etc)
          Chestnut (for anything)
          Saul (for anything)
          Chance (for dim sum)
          Apt 138 (for a simple burger and espresso martini)
          Chip Shop (personally I go for the shephard's pie)

          1. Fragole, on Court/Carroll-solid pastas
            Frankies, Court/4th-good vibe, small dishes, pastas
            Quercy, Court/Kane-the best traditional bistro fare in the hood

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              We had a semi-disappointing meal at Fragole tonight. The rigatoni firenze was wonderful as was the lasagna. My husband ordered a special of risotto with clams, asparagus and peas. It was full of little and big pieces of clam shells- really inedible and potentially dangerous. The owner?/manager? offered to re-make it, and the 2nd portion was also full of little pieces of shells. They seemed somewhat sorry that the dish was bad, but the management's response was really lukewarm. They asked if he wanted to order something else, but by this time we were really ready to leave since my daughter and I had finished long ago. We would have expected more of an apology, maybe a gratis dessert, or even a "Merry Christmas." We suggested they might want to take the special off the menu because someone might break a tooth, but it was still there when we walked by a while later. Even though a couple of the dishes were very good, we won't go back because of the indifferent service.