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Jul 10, 2006 10:07 PM

Trolley Dining Pt. 2 and Carnitas Fries at the Gaslamp! - San Diego

Hi California Hounds!

It's me again traveling through out our great state. Some of SD hounds may remember, I'm a comic book geek and head down to the Comic Con every year. Last year I asked for recs along the Trolley Line and was guided to Magnolia's which was GREAT! But I thought perhaps I'd open up the question again to see if there was anything new or different. My only criteria is that it be comic geek friendly, meaning fairly casual (Jeans and nice, clean and understated Spiderman Tees allowed) and with BOOZE... :)

And for my next question, my brother heard recently that Carnitas Fries were all the RAGE in San Diego and wants to try them while we're there. So are his friends just messing with him? Does such a beast exisit and so, where? Hopefully in the gas lamp so we can check them out for lunch... :)

TIA! I'll be sure to post about what ever food adventures we have! :)


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  1. Right off the H stop in Chula Vista is Tacos El Gordo. Best tacos I've had here. Original location is in TJ. Order the tacos adobada.

    1. I think someone misinformed your brother. Carne asada fries are very popular, but I've never seen carnitas fries anywhere.

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        You see, that is what I thought because I've HEARD of Carne Asada fries in a few places here in L.A. ... Anyway, is there a Carne Asada Fry place that is recommended? Gaslamp or not...


        1. re: Dommy

          I'm not really a fan of that particular food item. It's too greasy and heavy - food like that makes me want a nap. When I hit up the Con I normally eat pretty light so I can stay on my feet and awake into the night.

          There's a Valentine's taco shop in downtown San Diego, which is a pretty decent taco shop. Carne asada fries are pretty much a taco shop kind of item.