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Jul 10, 2006 10:05 PM

Atlantic City - Reasonably Priced Dinner?

Hi all,

Looking for a recommendation.

Im going to Atlantic City for a show at the Showboat Casino and am looking for a place to have dinner in that area before the show. We like most types of food(except Sushi/Chinese) but would like a place that has entrees under $20. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Atlantic City Bar & Grill is within walking distance and would fit the bill. Link to menu:

    1. Mama Mott's is also close by for decent Italian.

      1. If you can move your price point up to $25 then you may want to consider Old Waterway Inn. Works out great before house of Blues shows. I have sent two other parties there recently before a HOB show and both reported back favorably.
        AC B&G as westie pointed out is a excellent tavern. No reservations so timing can be trouble there if they are crowded.

        1. I agree with brucedelta about the Old Waterway Inn. You can frequently find 2/1 coupons in the AC Weekly during the off season.

          Another option is to purchase a $25 gift certificate for Medici (Sands)for only $5 at through 7/16 by using code 35703 at checkout. Medici is a fairly priced Italian restaurant to begin with and a real bargain with the gift certificate. I would suggest making advance reservations and discuss your need for speedy service with the maitre d' since service tends to be a little laid back.

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            Just wanted to give an update. We ended up doing what Westie suggested. We got the gift certificate to Medici for $5 and ended up going there. It was excellent. I had the grilled pork chop with tomatoes, mozzarela and broccoli rabe. The person I went with had a version of veal francaise. Both dishes were absolutely terrific. Also had the tomatoes with mozzarela and basil appetizer. It was excellent. Thanks again Westie. We really enjoyed it and you can't beat that gift certificate. Thanks so much!