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Jul 10, 2006 10:02 PM

Midwest trip

We are newbies so I hope I am not violating any protocols with my first post. We are going to be in NE, SD, ND in the next few weeks in the following cities:
Omaha, NE--Vermillion, SD--Watertown, SD--Bismarck, ND--Miles City, MT--Sheridan, WY--Deadwood, SD--Pierre, SD--Scottsbluff, Ne--North Platte, NE--Lincoln, NE--Carter Lake, IA.

We are not really gourmands but like diner and home cooking types of foods aswell as any local specialties. I read about a soup in Bismarck that is apparently VERY local ND.

Also like ethnic foods, ie. Italian, German, Polish, etc.

Again, realize this requests a lot of responses in just one message and if this is inappropriate I apologize.

Your input appreciated.


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  1. Welcome! I don't really know any of those towns well enough to recommend anything, but I wanted to encourage you because you seem wary of us. We're really very friendly and non-judgmental, even though we have lots of opinions.

    Two things I can recommend, I think, although, they aren't really responsive to your question:

    1) Pearson's Salted Nut Rolls (or Pearson's Nut Goodies, but the salted nut roll is my personal favorite) are made in St. Paul Minnesota. They are a candy bar--nougat, covered in caramel, rolled in salted peanuts and covered in chocolate. You don't say where you're from, but, in my experience, you can't find these everywhere, so maybe they don't have them where you're from, either. If you happen to find yourself in a gas station convenience store during your Midwest tour, pick up a Pearson's Salted Nut Roll. Red wrapper. :)

    2) Also, almost every small town in the Midwest has a Dairy Queen (yes, I'm partial to my namesake). This is the kind of recommendation that will make chowhounds vote me off the island, but, it really is part of Midwestern small town experience to get a soft-serve ice cream cone from the local DQ on a hot summer day. I like the vanilla cone, chocolate dipped. Also, I like Buster Bars, which is good if you like peanuts. In fact, a Buster Bar is practically the ice cream version of a Pearson's Salted Nut Roll.

    Have fun!


    1. When you're in North Platte, check out Roger's Fine Foods. It's on South Jeffers as you're driving into town from I-80. Excellent homemade pies, hot beef sandwiches, and all other manner of diner foods. Also super-groovy vinyl banquettes that were probably very classy in 1962.

      1. Pierre, SD

        Cattleman's Club is great. Real good home grown steaks at a fun place.

        1. The Bohemian Cafe is a long time favorite of mine. Real Czech food, and an Omaha
          Johnny's is a standard for steaks.
          For Small towns check out this :

          Here's a friend's summary of a recent College world series visit.

          If you google Bierocks you'll find out more than you probably want to know about immigrant Russian Mennonites and Cabbage, but I love 'em.

          1. Hello from Bismarck ND. Hope this reaches you in time. You'll want to stop at Kroll's kitchen, right off the interstate, for knoephla soup and other home-like cooked food. Others--Walrus for reasonably priced very good food with emphasis on Italian. The place is usually very busy so that tells you something. Merriweathers along the river is nice for eating outdoors. Don't know much about the food, but my favorite there is a shrimp quesadilla, an appetizer that is enuf for me for a meal.

            A new lovely dining experience is Perogues in downtown Bismarck. It serves food with a North Dakota emphasis, venison sausage, rabbit, walleye, bison , as well as entrees such as grilled salmon with ND lentils, grilled NY steak with bourbon-mustard sauce, grilled Kurobuta pork chop with 3 cheese-wild rice spoon grits.

            One visitor liked the Bistro, a very nice restaurant.

            Have a great trip