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Jul 10, 2006 09:51 PM

Yogurtland in Fullerton...

Has anyone been to Yogurtland in Fullerton on State College and Chapman? Anyone know how it compares to Golden Spoon? Thanks!

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  1. I haven't been- actually I didn't even know about it! I go to school near there so you've definitely intrigued me. If you go, please review- I'd love to hear about it. Since school's out for summer I won't be out that way for another month or two but I might make a special trip if it's good. I love fro yo!

    Thanx for posting!

    1. Golden Spoon tastes of chemicals with a watery mouth-feel to boot. Bleah.

      1. I haven't been to Golden Spoon so I can't compare for you. My husband and I went about two months after Yogurtland opened. The place was packed. He and I tried 6 different yogurts. They were all gross. -Bad enought that we threw it all away! Normally, I would have bitched about it but ate it anyway. My guess is that it was busy because they have free wi-fi.

        1. Yogurtland may be more of a teen hangout than an attempt to provide high quality frozen yogurt, but I think it was all right.

          I paid a visit this afternoon and found that they're more than a forzen yogurt shop. They're also a a Bobaloca - so they serve milk tea, slushies with Asian flavors (like taro!) and they have some generic pastries.

          As for their yogurt, they have around 10-12 varieties along one wall with flavors like green tea, pistachio, peanut butter, cookies and cream, georgia peach, chocolate, strawberry, plain yogurt, etc. The way it works is you grab a cup and you fill it with the yogurt of your choice. Then there's a little topping station with things like cookie dough, chocolate sprinkles, granola, butterfingers (crushed), oreo cookies (crushed), and some cereal. They also have a little station with real fruit! Mango, strawberry, blackberries, banana, etc. And they have 3 types of liquid topping - caramel, chocolate, and I don't remember the last.

          You then take your concoction up to the cashier who weighs it and you pay $0.30 an ounce.

          I tried their peanut butter and cookies and cream flavors. Perhaps I have a higher tolerance for foods with artificial flavorings, but I thought they were decent. Especially for a nonfat food. The peanut butter even had a bit of the yogurt tang underneath.

          Yogurtland was perhaps a bit more creamy than the golden spoon, but there's not that big of a difference. I suppose if you don't like one, you won't find the other much better. But I like The Golden Spoon... not all their flavors as I've found their lemon to be extremely chemical-y tasting...

          But Yogurtland is open late (12am on most days!) and if you need a quick fix, it's a decent option.

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            "But Yogurtland is open late (12am on most days!) and if you need a quick fix, it's a decent option."
            That may be the only plus, considering that the town shuts down so early.

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