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Yogurtland in Fullerton...

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Has anyone been to Yogurtland in Fullerton on State College and Chapman? Anyone know how it compares to Golden Spoon? Thanks!

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  1. I haven't been- actually I didn't even know about it! I go to school near there so you've definitely intrigued me. If you go, please review- I'd love to hear about it. Since school's out for summer I won't be out that way for another month or two but I might make a special trip if it's good. I love fro yo!

    Thanx for posting!

    1. Golden Spoon tastes of chemicals with a watery mouth-feel to boot. Bleah.

      1. I haven't been to Golden Spoon so I can't compare for you. My husband and I went about two months after Yogurtland opened. The place was packed. He and I tried 6 different yogurts. They were all gross. -Bad enought that we threw it all away! Normally, I would have bitched about it but ate it anyway. My guess is that it was busy because they have free wi-fi.

        1. Yogurtland may be more of a teen hangout than an attempt to provide high quality frozen yogurt, but I think it was all right.

          I paid a visit this afternoon and found that they're more than a forzen yogurt shop. They're also a a Bobaloca - so they serve milk tea, slushies with Asian flavors (like taro!) and they have some generic pastries.

          As for their yogurt, they have around 10-12 varieties along one wall with flavors like green tea, pistachio, peanut butter, cookies and cream, georgia peach, chocolate, strawberry, plain yogurt, etc. The way it works is you grab a cup and you fill it with the yogurt of your choice. Then there's a little topping station with things like cookie dough, chocolate sprinkles, granola, butterfingers (crushed), oreo cookies (crushed), and some cereal. They also have a little station with real fruit! Mango, strawberry, blackberries, banana, etc. And they have 3 types of liquid topping - caramel, chocolate, and I don't remember the last.

          You then take your concoction up to the cashier who weighs it and you pay $0.30 an ounce.

          I tried their peanut butter and cookies and cream flavors. Perhaps I have a higher tolerance for foods with artificial flavorings, but I thought they were decent. Especially for a nonfat food. The peanut butter even had a bit of the yogurt tang underneath.

          Yogurtland was perhaps a bit more creamy than the golden spoon, but there's not that big of a difference. I suppose if you don't like one, you won't find the other much better. But I like The Golden Spoon... not all their flavors as I've found their lemon to be extremely chemical-y tasting...

          But Yogurtland is open late (12am on most days!) and if you need a quick fix, it's a decent option.

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            "But Yogurtland is open late (12am on most days!) and if you need a quick fix, it's a decent option."
            That may be the only plus, considering that the town shuts down so early.

          2. Check out Great American Yogurt on Beach and Garfield in Huntington Beach. Their yogurt is REALLY delicious! They have 10 flavors and almost every topping imaginable!!!

            My mom's a diabetic and she loves their low carb, no sugar added flavors. They keep four flavors, and constantly rotate them. The regular flavors are also superb!!!

            I've checked out almost every fro-yo shop in LA and OC, and this one is SERIOUSLY the best!!!

            1. Don't waste your time. It's gross.

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                Yogurtland in Jtown is delicious.

                btw, why'd you bump a 2 year old thread.

              2. Yogurtland is part of the Pinkberry craze.

                However, I do enjoy their "tart" fruit flavors. Peach, pineapple, strawberry, and blueberry are quite nice. Their fruit selection is not as fresh as Pinkberry, but they do have cheesecake bites.

                Golden Spoon is richer tasting...like it's trying really hard to be ice cream, but still remain yogurt.