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Jul 10, 2006 09:43 PM

alinea or tru?

My boyfriend and I are coming to Chicago from SF and are trying to decide between Alinea or Tru for are big dinner out. Any input?

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  1. I much prefer Alinea, but they're vastly different. Tru specializes in more contemporary French food. The style is somewhat traditional French, although they bring in very modern ingredients. The dining room itself is more contemporary.

    Alinea is very modern in food and approach. You'll often find very nontraditional elements in a dish (e.g., vapors, powders, pillows, etc.) While Alinea has some detractors, I think it's an amazing dining experience that can be duplicated at only a few restaurants in the world. Here's a link to both the restaurant's menu and a very recent review with some amazing photographs:

    Personally, I'd take Alinea any day of the week, but if you prefer more traditional dishes, you might prefer Tru.

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        1. Go to Alinea. Took the wife for her birthday last Dec. See my post...approx. date of 12/13. We did the Tour or marathon and it was wonderful. Now, the really important question...Can you help me get a resv. at The French Laundry next Oct.?