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Jul 10, 2006 09:42 PM

Nha Trang -- Centre or Baxter?

Hi...i want to try Nha Trang for the first there any difference between the two locations?...

and less importantly, do they serve wine?

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  1. i've never been to the one on centre, but the one on baxter is the one everyone always talks about on this board. i've been going there for 16 years

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    1. re: jungirl

      Thanks, jungirl...what are your favorite dishes there?

    2. their pork chops over rice are to die for. they put it over broken rice and it soaks up all the yummy juices from the pork. they have more bbq flavor and thinner than most viet restaurants, and they are excellent. their cha gio (spring rolls) are also excellent, as is their soft shell crab, hollow vegetable, and pho. i've had friends argue they prefer the pho at pho grand, and that it is not nha trang's strong point. i agree pho grand is good, but i guess i grew up on nha trang. their bun (vermicelli noodles) with sliced spring rolls and pork chop is excellent, since it combines all the yummy dishes there into one. i would avoid the fried calamari, it is over done and so chewy your mouth starts to get tired. hope this helps!

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      1. re: jungirl

        excellent!...i'll get pork chops and spring rolls and hollow stem veggie...(i'm not a big pho guy so i wasn't planning on getting that anyway)...

        p.s. you said you grew up on nha trang: are you Vietnamese and/or a Chinatown native?

        p.p.s. do you know if they serve wine? (i usually like some cold wine w/ my Vietnamese food)

        1. re: Simon

          no, the restaurant opened up i think about 19 years ago, and i literally started going when i was in elementary school. same staff too! they still recognize me if i go with my mom. we used to drive in from jersey, and this was before vietnamese food was popularized. we just really liked the food. :)

          1. re: jungirl

            good story...i'm going there this week...

      2. I have had the pho at both numerous times, and have not found any noticeabale differences. Unfortunately I haven't tried the pork chops, though. That might be lunch tomorrow.

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        1. re: huzzahhuzzah

          Agreed, the food is pretty much the same at both.

        2. The frogs' legs are the best I've had (including La Grenouille's)!

          1. I think both are pretty close to each other. I used to go to the Baxter one, but started to go the the Centre one lately. The pho is good, but it's their non-pho dishes that excel.

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            1. re: devil

              devil, please recommend some specific dishes or link to a post where you did previously. Thanks.

              1. re: Pan

                Hi Pan. We have enjoyed among other things: lobster, soft shelled crabs, "bo luc lac", sauted rau muong (a veggie like watercress), fried fish, grilled chicken and grilled pork, calamari (the crispy one as well as the sauted one), and spring rolls.