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Jul 10, 2006 09:40 PM

Jules Patisserie review

Anyone been here yet?

I have to say that their croissants, brioche, and pain au chocolat are fantastic. My wife and I are now taking regular Saturday walks here to enjoy pastries and cafe au lait.

Moreover, the baguettes that Marc makes are the best I've had in the city thus far. They are a bit smaller than Ace Bakery and others, but the taste is superior and crumb texture is tight so you don't get too many of those huge air pockets.

IMHO, Celestin just up the street had better watch out because Marc and his staff are friendly and humble. I have stopped going to Celestin lately because their service and attitude isn't even good enough to be called surly.

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  1. Is this the Jules Restaurant at 147 Spadina?

    1. Sounds delicious...where is Jules? Closest major intersection would be nice as well...: )

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      1. re: starvin

        Jules is about 30 metres south of Le Comptoir de CĂ©lestin just south of Manor on the east side of Mount Pleasant.

        1. re: syoung

          That's correct, syoung, except that Le Comptoir is now called Thobor (Bakery or whatever). Same management I believe.

      2. I have to agree that Jules is excellent--but so is Celestin. Both are located at Mt. Pleasant and Manor Rd. (a couple of blocks south of Eglinton), Celestin on the north-east corner, Jules 3 stores south of Manor, also on the east side. I haven't had the same negative service at Celestin, and I like both of them.

        1. I like the fact that Jules is open on more days of the week than Celestin.

          Just last week, I found myself looking at the closed doors of the latter, when I was hoping to pick up some baguettes and crossants. A gentleman on the street kindly directed us to Jules, a few doors down.

          The baguettes, pain au chocolate, almond crossant and tarte au citron were all nice. I'd say they were at least as good as those at Celestin.

          1. Well I have to say that when they owned Tournayre Patisserie on Queen Street East, basically around the corner from where I live, they were always full.
            They made the great pastries, breads, sandwiches etc. Their bread pudding was excellent and I have to say that on a Sunday morning my husband and I were down there scarfing down this excellent plate.
            So I am looking forward to visiting them on Mt Pleasant.
            My review will be soon.