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Jul 10, 2006 08:36 PM

Algonquin Park dining

I am going camping in Algonquin at the end of July for my honeymoon and have considered dining at one of the lodges. Does anyone have any reccomendations and are they worth going, for the price they charge?

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  1. Not at a lodge, but in Huntsville I've heard great things about 3 Guys and a Stove. Friends go there from Toronto, just for their food.
    I've also heard Arowhon has decent food.

    1. We enjoyed Arrowhon Pines many moons ago. Frankly, there's nothing better than buying some goodies and picnicking somewhere in the park...

      1. Arrowhon Pines has a good rep, and lovely setting. I believe it's owned by the parents of Joanne Kates, the Globe and Mail food critic ... if that affects your decision one way or another.

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        1. Killarney Lodge has excellent quality food and a lovely friendly dining room (probably less "fancy" than Arrowhon). They will take outside reservations if they can accomodate