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Jul 10, 2006 08:35 PM

Simon Kitchen and Bar Las Vegas

Has anyone been to Simon's at the Hard Rock? Anything particular that sticks out...good or bad?

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  1. My girl and I ate there last November. I' had been wanting to eat at Kerry Simon's restaurant ever since I saw him beat Cat Cora on Iron Chef America. Of course, I ordered the hamburger and fries he made for the competition. The meal was incredible in spite of the small portions. The hamburger meat was moist and had a strong ale taste, which I enjoyed. The fries were crisp and the oil was clean enough that they tasted batter-fried.. The milkshake was thick and really was reminiscence of the shakes I enjoyed while cruising small town route-66

    The best part of the meal was that Kerry Simon himself came out to talk with us. He was really genteel and made an extra effort to communicate with my date and I. We are both deaf so, the effort was really appreciated. He gave us a huge ball of cotton candy for dessert (it was free) and signed posters for us..

    1. went last fall as well.

      Meal was excellent, service was great as well.