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Jul 10, 2006 08:31 PM

Inexpensive lunch near Bloomies (59th)

A friend just got a job on the sales floor (cosmetics) and has been complaining about the lack of a good (and reasonable) deli, pizza, bagle shop, quick lunch spot etc. in the vicinity. Suggestions please?

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  1. There's California Pizza Kitchen...

    I also remember a decent Chinese noodle/lunch spot called Kar Won on 61st.

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      come on theres got 2 be a few more east 50's 60's peeps on here :-(

    2. If Kar Won is the rest. that serves roasted meats like the joints in Chinatown, then I recommend it as well. While working at Bloomberg, I often ordered from these folks. I'm also slightly more selective when it comes to Chinese cuisine because of my background.

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        Yes it is. I always got the dumpling soup with the veggies & roast pork (No noodles)! And they are very cheap!

        Oh there's also Fig & Olive (Lexington between 62nd & 63rd)

      2. It's a couple blocks from Bloomingdales (1st Ave. just south of 61st), but Domanick's makes sandwiches for which I am willing to walk a couple blocks. It's about the third or fourth store front south of 61st on the west side of 1st. I recommend the "Supremo", which is Italian coldcuts and lettuce, etc. One Supremo would probably enough of a lunch for two women. For this one guy, it's pretty filling but I get it down.

        1. A note about California Pizza Kitchen - they make great salads - but they also have a parmagian pizzaa crust that is on the menu that comes with a certain salad on it ... it's awesome - and they will put any 1 of their salads on it.

          1. For sushi, I would reccomend Ginza. Its on the west side of lex around 61st or 62nd... really good lunch specials. don't get the bento box though. The shrimp shumai are gross. They have a 2 roll with soup and salad for $10 and the fish is always fresh.