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Jul 10, 2006 08:26 PM

Best Pasadena Prime Rib Place-Suggestions?

We're celebrating an in-law's 60th with a surprise b-day dinner. Her food of choice - prime rib. We want to try something new so Arroyo Chophouse and Smitty's are no longer options.
Hounds, can you suggest a new place?

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  1. Well it's been a long time since I've been there so maybe others can give you the latest on this place-Beckham Place on Walnut St, just west of Fair Oaks. But I do remember the clientele were mainly in the 60's range. Oh, and the food was pretty darn good too.

    1. Is Tam O' Shanter in Glendale/Los Feliz too far to go?

      How about Frank and Dean's? a 60 year old oughtta like that place...they serve prime rib on weekends only, it's "Heckles Prime Rib" supposedly based on some famous Pasadena Prime Rib place of old.

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        Come on, the joint that has changed names about five times in the last ten years? They are advertisting a truck give-away on their web site, is that what they need to do to get people to come in and eat their food?

      2. I really like the prime rib at Houstons in Pasadena.

        1. I have not yet tried it, but a friend and colleague swears by the Sunday prime rib at the Grill On the Alley in Beverly Hills (9560 Dayton Way, (310) 276-0615, He's usually spot on with regard to food and restaurants, and he says it's the best in the city. Sunday only, I think.

          1. I had a *really* nice prime rib on the bone at Houston's
            in Pasadena.

            I think they only have it on the weekends, but it was worth it.

            I realize its a chain, but its a good chain.


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              I also love the prime rib at Houston's. I think it's one of the best ones in town. I really like having it on the bone because I can take it home for later. :)