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Jul 10, 2006 08:21 PM

Nautical Mile - Freeport

I went to Otto's yesterday - pretty poor. Is anything worthwhile on that strip? Bracco's (I think that is the name) seemed to be doing good business and seemed to be better priced - is it any good?

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  1. IMO, no, nothing there is anything to write home about, pardon the lame expression. Overpriced and very mediocre.

      1. Rachel's imo is the only place on the mile worth going to.

        1. Try the muscles at Braccos...they are awesome. They catch their own seafood....very fresh...they have a fish market on premises. Hudson McCoy is pretty good...pricey though. Great bread!!! I used to live in Freeport & went to Nautical mile every weekend & those were the only 2 places I frequented.

          1. The Nautilus used to be pretty good and was one of the only places there to get any kind of respectable ratings in Zagat's. I think I recently saw that they still are favorably reviewed there. Ditto oon Hudson McCoy.Other than that all the Nautical Mile is good for is a Sunday afternoon at Otto's for drinks, at the outside bars, with a nice crowd and good music.