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Jul 10, 2006 08:12 PM

Recommendations for a kosher place in the Tri-State area to relax

I will be dropping off my daughter this Sunday (7/16) at Camp Simcha in Glen Spey NY. My wife and I would like to relax for a week at a resort within a few hours driving distance from the camp. We need a place that has glatt kosher food (we do not want to brown bag or do any cooking), a minyan and a shabbos atmosphere (for shabbos). We need a break, no need for hiking, tennis, golf, rafting, hand gliding etc... just a pleasant place to go for walks and nice company.


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  1. Contact the Glatt Boys to see if they are catering for any weekend this summer.

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      I just saw Bruce from the Glatt Boys this past shabbos in shul and inquired why no ads in Jewish Press and if he was opened this summer. He said that he was on vacation this year. I guess this leaves only the Homowak. Sigh, I miss the old days of the Grossingers et all.

    2. My son is at the Sportstar Academy Kosher Sports Camp which is held at the Swan Lake Resort (formerly the Stevensville). It is by NO means a Hilton, but they have glatt kosher meals available, decent rooms, and a lot of sports facilities which are actually in pretty darn good shape. It's also right on Swan Lake so there is plenty of scenic walking and it might be a decent place to relax for a little while. Only about 10 miles from Woodbourne and even closer to Loch Sheldrake, so there are PLENTY of kosher restaurants in the area. And they have daily minyans, even a Kollel during the summer months.

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        Eric, I actually went to the Swan Lake when Chai Lifeline had one of their winter retreats. I really liked it there, food was catered by the Glatt Boys (they always do a wonderfull job). I hesitated considering them only because it is a large place and their ad in the Jewish Press was not compelling so I was afraid that it would be empty. The Homowack is trying real hard to attract people, entertainment, singles programs, if one doesn't know better, it is compelling.

        Please find out approx how many guests midweek and on shabbos. Also do they have a shabbos program - my wife is into lectures.

        I will definetly give them a call to see if they have a deal if you come for a full week.