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Jul 10, 2006 08:05 PM

Cape Cod in July

My husband and I, along with 4 other couples will be staying in Cape Cod (Falmouth) the week of July 17th. We're hoping to spend at least a day sightseeing in Boston and the rest of the time staying around the Cape, with a day in Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Any "must go to" restaurants? Seafood and Italian would be the top choices, but any other suggestions would be appreicated.

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  1. Just spent last weekend on the Cape and really enjoyed Arnold's on Rte 6. Fried clam's were wonderful and the onion rings are a must. Nice raw bar also.

    Captain Frosty's on 6A in Dennis was a disaster! Tasteless lobster roll and I don't mind waiting but at least let me know it's an hour wait before taking my order and paying.

    In Cambridge my family never fails to stop at East Coast Grill on the way back from the Cape. Wonderful fun casual restaurant that never disappoints. Impeccable fresh seafood and bold interesting flavors.

    1. My favorite seafood place in Falmouth is Seafood Sams on Rte 6. Excellent fried clams and... in fact I never manage to get past these on the menu. They are really great.

      1. Hmmm...Arnold's could be a two hour drive from Falmouth as its all the way out in Eastham. To get there, you'd pass at least a dozen clam shacks that are worthy and at least as good. I find Arnolds to be mediocre actually. Good advice on Captain Frosty's though. Avoid it like the plague! Seafood sames is okay. Cooke's in Mashpee is quite better IMHO.

        For a nice setting and decent, albeit expensive fare, try the Flying Bridge for lunch on the harbor in Falmouth. There are a couple of quaint looking Italian spots in Falmouth center. No first-hand knowledge though so I can't help there. If you're going to Boston anyway, save your italian cravings for the North End. Many terrific choices can be found on the Boston Board.

        1. Go to The Flying Bridge in Falmouth for the view/setting and not for the food. It's mediocre at best IMHO.

          La Cucina Sul Mare in Falmouth is fantastic. Never had a bad meal there. Also the Chapoquoit Grill is always great for pizza and seafood.

          Seafood Sam's is good if you have kids in tow, but I'd never go there if I had a babysitter!

          If you go to Woods Hole while in Falmouth, try the Fishmonger. Avoid the Landfall -- overpriced for the tourists because it's on the water.

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            I will second the La Cucina Sul Mare recommendation. Only advice is, if you're tempted to get the house specialty, the zuppa de pesce, consider sharing it with somebody. It's great, but huge.