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Jul 10, 2006 07:55 PM

Panda Chinese Gourmet in Mt. Washington

Panda Chinese Gourmet
6080 Falls Rd., Baltimore

Avoid this overpriced excuse for a Chinese restaurant. What a waste of money.

I had the displeasure of ordering delivery from the above restaurant yesterday evening.

The experience started well enough with an order taker that was courteous and fluent in English. The delivery was quick - under 30 minutes. The food was hot when I received it. The packaging was pretty in bright red Chinese delivery boxes.

Ready to eat, we first tried the Crabs on half moon (Crab Rangoon). The outside was a little overdone, but these crunchy little dumplings were delicious--good ratio between wrapper and filling (real crab meat by the way).

Then it was downhill from there. Egg rolls were pure salt. The beef lo mein was pitiful--overcooked swollen noodles w/ overly soft meat, absolutely no flavor whatsoever.

The steak and vegetable special made w/ filet mignon. I don't believe for one second that it was made of filet. The meat was tough and the veggies all overcooked. The sauce again was flavorless.

Everything there is homemade. But homemade crap, is still crap. Their pricing is 20%-30% over the other Chinese restaurants, but the value is certainly not there.

My favorite Chinese in the area is Kirby's Szechuan on S. Charles street.

Can any of you hounds recommend another Chinese restaurant in the Baltiimore area worthy of visit?



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  1. Chinatown Cafe on Park Ave is the only local place remotely close to what you can find in Manhattan.

    1. Well, Panda's not great, and quite uneven, but it's better than most "Chinese" carryout in Baltimore City. I have found their roast pork to be decent, and have had mixed results with the other dishes.

      For top notch Chinese, you need to go to Howard County IMHO. Oriental Manor in Ellicott City or Hunan Manor in Columbia. Chinatown Cafe is quite good, but not in the same league as those two. You can get good HK style noodle soups in Towson at Golden Gate Noodle House also.

      I really miss the west coast sometimes.

      1. Thank you everyone. I'll definitely try those places and report back.

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          for your everyday chinese, I'd recommend ding how in Fells Point. Very good dumplings, and their chow fun is pretty good for Baltimore.

          BTW, I've heard not-so-great things about Chinatown Cafe earlier this summer; haven't gotten there to find out if it's true or not. If you go, I'd be very interested in what you think.