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Jul 10, 2006 07:53 PM

Breakfast Help needed near Canada Place

We will be staying near Canada Place pre cruise and need a recommendation for a good breakfast on Sunday. Hotel buffets don't thrill us so if there are any other recommendations we would appreciate.



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  1. Hmm.. I don't think there's that much right near Canada Place open sunday mornings, other than the Hotel MacDonald's Harvest Room. But you're a short walk from Chinatown, so I'd recommend dim sum. The biggest/busiest place would be Murama on Jasper Ave/95street. It's upstairs and can be insane on the weekends.

    Otherwise, Blue Plate diner on 104 Street/Jasper ave, or if you have transportation, check out Culina on 99Street across the river(call to make sure they're open sunday mornings).

    Wild Earth coffee/bakery is also on 99th street.

    There's also Barb and Ernie's farther down 99street, if you feel like the traditional german-style heavy duty breakfast.

    1. um,pretty sure op is referring to canada place in van not edmonton, and as for breakfast not sure if denman street is too far away( beautiful 20 minute walk) along the coal harbour seawall, there are loads of cheap places there

      1. 1. Dim Sum in Chinatown is within walking distance-do a search here for previous recommendations.

        2. Caffe Artigiano- several locations downtown- see their website-<>

        3.If you don't want to walk- catch a cab to Paul's Place around 6th and Granville for great omelettes.

        4. If you are up for something a little different, try the Elbow Room Cafe<>. You will have a great breakfast and lots of laughs as you and everyone else are insulted by the staff.