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Jul 10, 2006 07:51 PM

Nice meal in Hollywood/WeHo area with patio, full bar

I'm looking for a nice dinner spot with a full bar and patio somewhere in the Hollywood/West Hollywood area. My friend requires the patio for smoking and full bar for Jack and Cokes. He wants to get a little dressed up, too. I'm looking for good food and a nice wine list or BYO policy. We'll eat anything.

We liked Ortolan, Hungry Cat and Norman's for this sort of thing. Something new would be great.


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  1. Orso on 3rd Street across from Cedars has a nice patio as does Pane e Vino on Beverly a few blocks east of La Cienega.

    1. Magnolia, Table 8 and Katana are all good, fun restaurants with outdoor dining.

      1. heard some good comments about Mirabelle lately.

        1. Norman's, on Fridays, they offer roast pig and paella
          Off-Vine restaurant is in a charming CA bungalow w/outdoor seating
          Mimosa and Pastis have outdoor seating
          Le Petit Cafe on Melrose Ave

          1. Bin 8945 should fit your request beautifully.