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Paula Deen visits Europe

Did you guys (and gals) catch this over the weekend?


Personally, I thought the way she and her husband were going around freaking out about different foods and pigging out on french pastries, and the like was way over the top. I mean, she seemed to have a good time but sheesh....no wonder the Europeans look down on American tourists!

Interesting show though...albeit it seemed dumbed down for the FoodTv viewing audience, like everything else.

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  1. Having just signed up for satelite TV I had never seen any of her shows prior to the one you mention, unfortunately this was my first exposure to Paul Deen. All I can say is that I thought her behavior was embarassing and that I hope she lets her passport lapse.

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    1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

      I had enough of Paula after the wedding thing on tv. I could not bring myself to watch the Europe show...the previews turned me off.

    2. what was with her harassing that lady to put mayonnaise ONTOP of the BUTTER on her FRENCH FRY sandwich?

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      1. re: kare_raisu

        Believe it or not, a french fry sandwich is actually very European, or at least Britsh. It's called a Chip Butty (you need a good quality bap spread with butter).

      2. I agree to an extent... I'm sure the are worse Americans over there giving us a bad name. I'm saying this because I have to admit that I had a little tear in my eye at the end.

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        1. I got so hysterical about her explanation of the difference between a croak monsewer, yall and a croak madam that I had to turn the television off. The croak madam according to her is so named because the sandwich is topped with a fried egg covered in sauce and "kinda looks like a breast, yall"

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              We are from the South, and we can not stand to watch her. I nearly die when she starts cackling. It sounds so phoney.

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                Funny you should say that.

                Just yesterday, a freind and I were talking about how she's turned into a caricature of herself.

                She's boorish and has turned her once very nice restaurant into a edible Greyhound bus stop.

                Her boy's just plain ain't right either.

            2. I didn't realize there was so much negative vibe concerning Paula out there. I'm a southerner that was transplanted to the north and I love watching her on TV (Though I didn't see the travel to Europe special). She has an amazing backstory. She started to cook professionally after living with agoraphobia and anxiety for twenty years to support her two sons. It's nothing short of amazing to watch her on TV so full of life knowing what she overcame. My personal opinion, of course.

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                I've heard about her background and her battles, and I think it's amazing that she's come as far as she has today. I do not watch her shows, but I did catch this one, and I had no problems with it. Let's face it, we've ruined our rep in Europe way before Paula was unleashed! And as someone wrote earlier, I also shed a tear or two toward the end. What I would give to have one last meal with my mother, as her sons are able to have with her. She is "ya'lling" all the way to the bank, and she sure comes across as someone who has triumphed over life's adversities.

              2. As much I don't really like her shows, I do respect her background. Her European special does show that she's a little bit close-minded in eating certain things and that she's a bit vulgar and too loud (the scene with the French man who roasts chicken)...it's kind of giving the Americans a bad name.

                1. i think she has totally outdone her charm. she was a good novelty act. her sons are just as comical

                  1. For anyone who missed it (me included)---it'll re-air Aug 19 @ 5PM according FoodTV website.

                    I, too, liked Paula at first a few years back but think she's overpacking on the charm (and the grease) as of late. One time on Emeril she jested about putting butter in her cereal, and my friends and I couldn't figure out if she's joking or not (we concluded the scary part is that we think that's actually plausible with her.)


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                      1. re: MIKELOCK34

                        please don't shout. my secretary sounds just like her, and I don't think she's faking the accent (in Raleigh-Durham).

                        Also, she's probably playing up the ignorant American schtick to make the show funny and appeal to her fan base (who would be surprised to see her totally change). As alluded to above, she's an entertainer. I think she's endearing but yeah, she could cut it back a bit.

                      2. Tough Crowd!

                        I saw the whole show. Was amused. Didn't see any "ugly American" reactions from anyone she encountered.

                        1. this sounds absolutely hysterical and i meant to watch it but missed it! i hope they air it again.

                          1. Pretty much all that can be said has been said regarding her Maw Kettle routine. I do not care for it, but I am not the target audience. I also find Sports Center to be pretty inane.

                            The more insulting part about this European ballyhoo was not perpetrated by Paula but by the shows producers. I cannot understand why they subtitle English speakers when they are conversing in perfectly intelligible speech. As Paula and her husband gazed over some forced meat and jelly pastry things the shop clerk explained the dish. He spoke English (you know, from England) but Food TV chose to subtitle his dialog. This had the regrettable effect of offending pretty much everyone and helping no one. The audience and the shop clerk were both condescended to under the assumption that the two parties spoke different tongues. It would also seem that anyone who could not understand the clerk would also be unable to read. So really, what was the point?

                            And I did really enjoy Food TV, you know, back when we all spoke the same language.

                            1. This show should have been called “Europe for Imbeciles’. I caught it a long time ago. It was probably a tipping point for me essentially turning off FN. I didn’t appreciate being treated like such a complete idiot. I certainly didn’t need her and her slow southern draw telling me about this wonderful store she found…Harrods. HARRODS!!!! Probably the most famous store in the world and one of the biggest tourist stops/traps in London and she’s talking to the viewers as if they’re too stupid to find the place.

                              I know that market in Paris quite well the people who work there work hard. They don’t need her ‘shtick’. I remember waiting for her sons to show up(providing MENSA could spare them). Oh what a unexpected shock there they are ‘surprising ‘ Mama at the end of her trip. That family is a little too close.


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                              1. re: Withnail42

                                When Mahkuhl took her to the top of that building for dinner, I turned to Mr. B and said, "There are more than two chairs there...get ready for TweedleDumb and TweedleDumber to show up." They didn't disappoint me.
                                I can hack Paula...but not those two...even worse when all three get together.
                                I also can't help but giggle every time I see Mahkuhl...the people over at TWoP call him "Pisswhiskers" and it won't leave my brain.
                                I really didn't think the show was all that bad. Maybe I was expecting worse, but I found myself smiling and giggling a few times...especially in France when she was with that shopkeeper who didn't speak English.

                                1. re: Withnail42

                                  >>HARRODS!!!! Probably the most famous store in the world and one of the biggest >>tourist stops/traps in London and she’s talking to the viewers as if they’re too stupid >>to find the place.

                                  I think Paula Deen's core fan-base might -juuust- be..Then again, I have a sneaking suspicion that FN coaches her to act up the "southern lady/hick" routine. What some people might see as "Southern Lady" comes across to others as "Stereotypical Hick" With Paula Deen, i'm torn 50/50..*LOL*

                                  The special was just okay. Yes, a wee-bit demeaning at times, but I can still handle her better than Rachel Ray!!

                                2. Well I'll throw one out for the Paula fans. I loved this special and it originally aired right after my first trip to London & Paris. Yes, Paula is over the top... SHE'S ON TV! Part of the appeal if you ask me. It's easy to bash her as most Americans feel that anyone with a southern accent is ignorant/stupid. Her reaction to seeing her sons show up was very touching and real to me. Good on ya, Paula!

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                                    I think her unsophisticated hick routine is "dumb like a fox"- she seems to be a smart business person. It does pain one to see others acting like ugly Americans, but I've seen lots of people of other nationalities while travelling in other European countries act very badly and equally disrepectful of the locals. They may be vulgar and over the top- but at least they're very much enjoying the local cuisine. I agree about the family reunion scene-very touching. At least the brothers didn't come out with their bam-like "This is going to be good, brother!"

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                                      1. There's no need to be over the top because she's ON TV. That can only just compound the "stupid/ignorant Southerner" thinking.

                                      2. I can't believe most Americans think of anyone with a southern accent as ignorant/stupid. (Isn't that stereotypical thinking about the rest of us Americans who aren't southern?) However, when they act in the manner that Paula Deen did on this specific show overseas, perhaps that's where they're getting their stereotypical thinking.

                                    2. I am not a food or FN snob, but I could not believe the show. I had to call my mom to come over and watch it while I sat through it a second time and laughed even more. We could not believe it; I had to turn up the volume because we were in shock over the stupidity that was displayed; sometimes I found it very condescending bordering on mockery(this was not funny). My husband even came in to see what the kurfluffle was about and he stayed to watch out of disbelief. The whole breast discussion with the man selling roasted chickens was shocking and I found it very contrived. I agree with the Harrod's. My mom kept saying, "Is this for real or are they kidding?". Yet again, my mom and I both think that she has overcome a lot and has little exposure to anything else other than what has been in her life. We are not well travelled nor are we rich or have doctorate degrees, but we read, watch interesting tv and try to learn about food in different cultures other than our own. I think that if you have a genuine interest in these things, the internet and literary resources available should never keep anyone from learning about anything. That then begs the question: Does she really care and want to learn about the culture and cuisine, or is she just interested in the touristy stereotypical stuff. Irregardless of the answer, I think they were a living stereotype of Americans in Paris; not a good thing, because as we know, not everyone is like that. In the end, it was nice to see her whole family there. As my mom said, "Sure, your dad and I would be thrilled if we were in Paris and you showed up to surprise us - who wouldn't want their family there? She can afford it and it is probably a business tax deduction anyway!". (OK, mom, a little bitter??? :o) )

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                                        I really enjoyed that show.....I am very southern also, and those of you that are just think of how you grandmothers would react to a brand new country. Yes she is a television personality...so somethings may have been over the top...but i know that my grandmothers would act the same way she did no matter how smart of dignified they are.