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Jul 10, 2006 07:34 PM

New LI North Fork Restaurants

There are a couple of new restaurants in Southold. Any one been to any of them? I like Farmer Bar. How about the cajun place on Main Road?

Also, what is Porta Bella (on North Road) like?

We are getting tired of the same old places and am looking for some new places.

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  1. I would avoid Porto Bella like the plague. Service was inattentive, food not so great and expensive (like many places on the north fork). The room is really nice, though.

    I live near the place and somehow it's always fairly crowded.

    Haven't been to the new Cajun place yet.

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    1. re: Fishgirl

      We went to Big Mama's (new Cajun place) and were not impressed. We like their BBQ place (Farmers) much better. Big Mama's food was unmemorable, and the decor reminded me of a mausoleum for some reason. Also very inexperienced service. It's over by where Seashell used to be, in case you want to go anyway, we had a little trouble finding it.
      We tried Legends in New Suffolk also, also not overly impressed. Got some mussels in white sauce, no bread was offered so we asked, and a while later they gave us some that was ice cold, like almost out of the freezer. Also clientele on a Sunday afternoon seemed geared towards singles pick up joint ambience.

      1. re: coll

        Have to agree with you on Big Mama's; the food was nothing memorable and the wait was terrible! Farmer's has got much better food and service. As far as Legends, I've always been happy there. The bar can get noisy and crowded, so I always sit in the dining room. The menu's changed for the better in the past year, with amazing dinner specials (although they don't offer bread at lunch, they bring it if you ask).
        I've also found Cooperage to have slipped in the past few years, but really liked Fifth Season.

        1. re: littleshell

          You're right about Cooperage, we live less than 5 minutes away and used to go there constantly, haven't returned in a year or two after an especially bad experience. Next stop, Jedediah Hawkins.

    2. Fishgirl, Coll;

      Thanks for the update. Saves me a few trips and dissapointments. I guess I will have to be satisfied with Jerry's, Diggers and Rendezvous. At least we can walk to them after drinks on the boat. Sorry to hear that Legends wasn't acceptable. We used to hear good things about them. We always found that Rendezvous was great on a Friday, but on Sunday afternoon's it seemed like the hamburgers were sitting around for a few hours and then re-heated. We still like Cooperage and Meetinghouse Creek Inns, but they seem to have slipped a little.


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      1. re: Fred19

        Try the new Greek place, they have a big deck out back by the waterfront. Excellent food. Fresh fish specials on weekends. Especially try the moussaka. We love Rendevouz too but only get their porterhouse. You're right about Cooperage, we stopped going about a year ago, used to be our favorite restaurant.

        1. re: coll

          What's the name of the Greek place?

          1. re: emarcus

            Athens Gyro and Grill, next to Tweeds. Really good. (I owe you for turning us on to Taqueria Mexico!)

            1. re: coll

              Right back at you. Rumor has it there's a pupuseria behind a Mexican restaurant near the ferry in Greenport.
              If you get there first, report back, please.
              Where else--besides places listed in this thread--do you like to eat? I've heard only good thinks about Bayview.

              1. re: coll

                Hi Erica, believe it or not, one of our favorite places to stop is Skippers in Greenport/Marion, not modern or upscale, just a nice local North Fork kind of place. The food is better than average, love their Veal Oscar and Seafood Platters especially, and also love the giant platters they throw on the bar around "happy hour" time: the thing is, everyone there is from there, everything you hear is about there, it's not about day trippers, but more like an upstate kind of feel. Really friendly, you always hear some interesting points of view if you talk to people, and the food is much more dependable than many of the "new" places. I can't say exactly why, but it's our default place, year round. Maybe because it's always the same, year round? Weird but true. And we WILL check out the pupuseria in the near future, possibly before the fall even!

          2. re: Fred19

            Not in the same class/price range as some of the places mentioned here but for basic Italian/American food try Village Pizza on Main Road in Mattituck. It's just a pizzeria where you order at the counter but everything we've tried there has been very good, from calamari to sauteed spinach. I think these guys are trying hard and could use the business; the prices are VERY reasonable.

          3. We have been doing the Greek place since last year when there was free wine. They have been consistantly good. Excellent Friday night place. Haven't been there since they put the deck in.


            1. Can't believe I forgot our favorite restaurant/chef on the North Fork, Bayview House in South Jamesport. Their seafood and steak are better than places that specialize in it, sides could make a whole meal, and I'm still dreaming of the lobster ceviche I had last time I was there.

              1. I've had three really good meals over the past year and a half at The Fifth Season In Greenport.