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Pava, Newton

Stopped by today--it opens in a week. I hadn't realized Susan Regis would be the chef--excellent news in my book. Menu looks good, contemporary Italian.

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  1. Please give us the address.

    1. The internet says: 1229 Centre Street, Newton Centre

      1. It is connected to their store called TESS. There is one in Cambridge too. Tess Enright and her husband Carlos Pava are opening the restaurant. It is a passion/love of theirs. Should be a welcomed addition to the generally bland offerings of Newton Centre. Also, they have one of those fancy brick oven stoves.

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          Hmm, I'm guessing it will be way pricey then.

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            Just what I was thinking. If it's the restaurant version of TESS, it will be a wierd combination between Cambridge nerd-cool and impossibly splurgey. That's not a word, but you know what I mean.

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              Yeah, what's the entree equivalent of a blumarine sweater??

        2. Licorice-cured salmon, perhaps? One thing I noticed on the menu...but I like Susan Regis's cooking, personally.

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            What else is on the menu? I googled but came up short.

            Heh heh. blumarine sweater. Nice one, missykins.

          2. Gourmet pizzas, I remember an octopus dish that sounded good, house-cured meats, lotsa little fancy ingredients like anise hyssop. Not unlike the kinda things she was doing in the Monday Club Bar, but Italian-slanted. Open for lunch, brunch, dinner.

            1. Jason bond, formerly of No. 9 AND the original Butcher Shop, is partnering with Susan Regis. He was the one responsible for all those delicious house cured meats at TBS when it first opened. That should be well worth the trip there. Has it opened yet?

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                It's open, but it seems the staff has yet to be trained. Food was good, but the waitstaff seems to be taking a trial and error approach with services.

              2. My son and his wife ate there last Friday night and said that the service was the worst they had ever seen anywhere. Waitress forgot to take away plates from appetizers and brought main courses then had to take them back. Had no idea about the menu,forgot their order etc.They said the food was good -they sent an email to restaurant after outlining horrible service.

                1. Although we found the menu limited and expensive, and the atmosphere less than inviting, my husband and I decided to try Pava because it's so close to home. We wish the place had more of a neighborhood, cozy fee. We also wish it wasn't so overpriced. The food was interesting and tasty. The green pizza was delicious, if a bit too oily, however it was not the pizza we ordered! My agnolotti, 1 of the few dishes available for vegetarians, was luke warm but still wonderful. But at $24.00 it was a bit silly. The bar tender was much too busy tending the full bar and tables. The bright lights and green chairs feel a little like a school cafeteria. Some art work on the walls and a few plants and flowers would go a long way to improving the ambience.
                  If you like pork, you'll love this menu. We'd go more often if there was a wider range of prices.
                  Nice wine list.
                  The chocolate pudding dessert was overbaked and dry.
                  J. Child

                  1. Hey, I was there for lunch yester day and it was fantastic! I had the Artichoke Soup & Fontina Grilled Sandwich. It was amazing! I think before you start posting such negative stuff here you really should visit a new restaurant at least 3 times.... in/over 3 months. There are all types of 'kinks' to work out from what menu items sell to what employees lied on their resumes. Be patient. Clearly the owners are good at the retail thing, but give them sometime with the restaurant! At least they hired right with Susan Regis!! I thought it was worth a T ride out of the city for lunch!

                    1. I've been twice for lunch for work functions. Terrible service, and both times I was with a group of about 10, so you'd think they'd pay attention to our group. Maybe it's gotten better in the past fe months; they had just opened when I went. They deserve credit for the interesting menu. I had a yummy soft shell crab sandwich with aioli there. Go if you have lots of time and someone else is paying.

                      1. I actually never had the chance to visit when the restaurant first opened, but it sounds like it wouldve been a mistake. Luckily, I went about a week ago with 2 of my friends and had so much fun! We got to sit in the only booth way in the back which was like our own little cove. It was a little loud in the restaurant (I think because its so bare it echoes), but other than that it was great. The service apparently got better or they hired new people, cause our waitress was actually really friendly and sweet. She stood there patiently and almost enthusiastically explained every little ingredient on the menu, and gave us so many recommendations which were great! Our waitress actually joked that whatever she recommends is a win-win situation since everything's good anyway, which seemed.. probable?

                        We had half portions of the pastas as apps, which were great (my fav- beet chittarra). Order the swordfish!!! It was so good with little artichokes and some rice or something. Chicken was a little bland for me, but nice and moist. For dessert we shared this almond/hazelnut mousse which was to die for!

                        Dinner was a little expensive, but I always think a good meal with good friends is def well worth it.

                        1. My partner and I, and our friends Karen and Stacy went to Pava this Sunday night and had a wonderful experience. We waited 30 mins for our fourth to arrive and had a drink and appy at the very cool white bar, where the 'tender and Tess let one of us try several wines before settling on a nice Chardonnay.

                          When our fourth arrived, we sat mid restaurant. The decor is stylish black, white and green, although I agree there could be a litle bit more decor to brighten it up. Our side of the rest. was bright, but the people across from us were in darkness. The idea to see the store from the tables is very interesting, but the store was closed and the dresses up against the window wall made me think we were sitting in the coat room. Easily fixed.

                          The food and service? GREAT! We enjoyed a pizza, scallops and beet pasta salad between us. Butter lettuce salad was fresh and well dressed. The bread crackers are to die for...satisfyingly crunchy and salty with a very good garlicky pesto oil.

                          My tagliatelle bolognese was a large portion and delicious. Gnocchi was pretty good. Sole was interesting and delicious with black rice.

                          Even the desserts were good. Hazelnut mousse was my winner. Others liked the lemon chess pie and the Myers Lemon dessert.

                          Tess is clearly interested in making the restaurant a local hangout. We were the last people in the place, and she was as eager to talk with us as when we first came in. Give this place a little time to settle in and it'll be the hit of Newton Center.