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Help - New to Boston Chowhound Looking for a Lobster Dinner?

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I have a friend coming in to Boston for one night (tomorrow) and she wants to go to dinner and wants lobster. Price is not an issue, but not interested in overly fancy restaurants. Any ideas? She is staying at the Seaport Hotel and I work at Government Center, so needs to be on the T or a quick cab ride away.

Any ideas?

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  1. This sounds like a job for....


    It's the new offspring of the Legal's chain, right in that neck of the woods I believe.

    1. I just took a peek at the LTK menu (http://www.ltkbarandkitchen.com/site/) and was not able to locate the traditional whole steamed lobster. To be fair, it is a disorienting menu and i may have missed something.

      1. You won't find it because it's not there. Lobster roll and "Angry Lobster" are their only lobster dishes.

        1. You would think they could make one for you. You got lobster, you got butter, you got water...

          Reminds me of the time a good friend of mine got in a big argument at an italian place that claimed not to "have" garlic bread. True it wasnt on the menu. I always remember him " you got bread, you got butter, you got garlic, so you got garlic bread!"

          1. Since LTK has gotten less than glowing reviews, you might want to stick with the basic old fashioned Legal for this one.

            1. Yeah. There's nothing wrong with a Legal steamed lobster, imho.

              1. Legal Seafoods would be a fine choice. If you don't like Legal for some reason, Skipjack's in the Back Bay on Clarendon St. does a nice job with lobster. Another place to try is the Great Atlantic Fish Company, on Boylston St.

                Also, since you said price is not an issue, you might try the Summer Shack on Dalton St., across from the Sheraton.

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                  Turner Fisheries, in the Westin Copley, is another option along these lines.