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Jul 10, 2006 06:22 PM

Boston hounds coming to SF for special dinner

We're coming out for a long weekend in August to take some local friends out for a special dinner. We're celebrating, so we're looking for an all-around great dining experience, willing to pay (but not expensive just for the sake of being expensive) and we're open to all types of cuisines. Where do you go for a special occasion?

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  1. If I wasn't worried about price and wanted a really special dinner I'd choose The Dining Room at the Ritz. Beautiful setting, great service and wonderful cuisine.

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      I completely agree -- The Dining Room at the Ritz is the best restaurant in the city as far as I'm concerned. Masa's and Fleur de Lys are also solid choices, but they are step behind The Dining Room.

    2. I really love Le Colonial (vietnamese food). The last time I went was in December...excellent service. I recommend asking your servers for recommendations, our fav dishes were the ones they suggested (the Cuu Nuong hoisin lamb chops were divine). Some of my friends recommend Fleur de Lys (french), but I haven't been there yet myself.

      Oops...almost forgot the awesomeness that is Farallon! Drinks in the Jelly Bar followed by dinner in the pool room.

        1. Without a doubt you should check out Chez Spencer. It is in the same ball park as the Gary Danko's and the Boulevard's but here the food shines above the hype.

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            That's a great suggestion. Although it has been a long time since I've been to Chez Spencer. Do you have some recent experiences at Che Spencer to share?


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              It is funny that someone mentioned Yelp! While not really a foodie play by play this is what I had to say....

              "I went to Chez Spencer for the first time about 3 months ago.

              I was recommended this place over all of the other SUPER-HIGH-END spots in SF. This was the best meal that I have had all year.

              My date and I went with the tasting menu and wine paring. It was remarkably well crafted and every bite was delicious.

              Don't let the location fool you. The entry way to the restaurant is really some sort of mystical-tunnel into France. Just magnificent. I can't describe everything in detail but loved every minute of this 3 hour meal.

              Anyone looking for a romantic place to eat with a special guy or girl will be rewarded if chosing this place."

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                Thanks for the report. I'm looking forward to more of the great yelpers reporting on Chowhound with this new software.

                I noticed that tasting menu on the website. Do you remember some of the dishes you had?

          2. Before you decide where to go you should check the postings on YELP - I find the candid comments very helpful. Went to a talk by Ruth Reichl recently and she was all about Ame on Mission Street. But I personally would check out the dining room at the Ritz.