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Jul 10, 2006 06:17 PM

Tracking People; Tracking Key Words

The Tracking People option, I thought, was cool at first. But in many respects it isn't that dynamic. It really doesn't let you do anything. You just have a long list of folks on a side bar. Some people have recommended that you highlight, in different colors, the people you are tracking. It takes forever to really read what they are writing and get a sense of a conversation.

I suggest that you have a third grouping of messages, organized by the folks you're tracking. So instead of going into every single tracked person and screen what they are up to, one gets kind of like a "Digest" view of the group collectively.

On the same thread, idea, might you have this function for key words... it could be as broad as "sushi" or detailed as "key lime piece mix." This could search all lists, boards, subjects and, again, be summarized in a seperate listing of subjects/key words you're following...

What do you think?

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