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Jul 10, 2006 05:57 PM

Annarosa's Mean Service with Great Bread (Newburyport, MA)

Have you ever been to Annarosa's bakery? We've been a handful of times and for some reason the woman behind the counter (same woman every time) is a really jerk. It doesn't even seem that she wants there or wants to sell. Has anybody else had this experience. I comment because it makes us question if we should go in for such a poor experience...

It would be hard to say no because the bread is quite good... but the shopping experience leaves you with a bad after taste

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  1. I go to Annarosa's and know exactly what you mean. I challenged her once about her attitude, and she challenged me right back about mine. The conversation got a little heated, but we parted nicely. Since then she recognizes me when I come in and takes care of me right away.

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      So this tells me that she knows and doesn't care. Ok, buyer beware. I'll opt out.

      Thanks for leting us know we weren't crazy.

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          1. The mean women no longer works at Annarosa's.

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              I thought she was the owner/baker.

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                Come on - did that lady look like she could lift the 100's of pounds of flour bakers do every day? The owner baker's name is Bill (the skinny one with giant biceps!), helped out by his wife . He's a truly great guy - hence the woman's non-employment once he got a take. Bill is one of the top bakers in New England - you're right great bread (and maybe the best crossants in the greater Boston area - can you tell I'm a fan?))

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                  To set the record straight, the owner is Phil Malatesta not Bill ?

                  1. re: Infomaniac

                    To set the record straight. The owners name is William (Bill), NOT Phil. Bill has been a personal friend of mine for over 20 years.