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Jul 10, 2006 05:51 PM

New Beer Place Opening in Walpole

Just drove by this the other day. It used to be Beacon Restaurant...but looks like a brew pub is moving in. Anyone know anything about what to expect?

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  1. I've heard of new brewpubs coming to Southbridge and Gardner MA, but this is the first I've heard of one in Walpole. The south shore and southern MA is lacking in brewpubs that is for sure.

    Any sign of big shiny tanks?

    1. Wow, Walpole is getting a brewpub? This is definitely good news! Walpole has a few decent restaurants, but few places to grab a beer.

      1. I believe it is British Beer Company. Is it a chain?

        Coming Soon! The biggest BBC to date! With an interior created and built in England by pub craftsmen, the newest British Beer Company location will be an ideal melding of the best of Britain and America. Located along Route 1 South and all of 3 miles from Gillette Stadium, the BBC Walpole will further expand the BBC pub experience and embrace new friends in our new neighborhood.

        The British Beer Company
        85 Providence Highway
        Walpole, MA

        1. Oh, that's different. I like the BBC, but it's not a brewpub. Yes, it is a small chain, with several restaurants on the South Shore and the Cape.

          The food But the beer selection is very fine, especially if you like good porters and ales.

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            Oh rats! I was hoping it was a micro brew... but at least it's a beer-focused place! :p And that Route 1 strip from Walpole to Dedham is in dire need of selection. Yes, there's Sky, but that's about it.... Any idea on when it might open? It looks close to me...

          2. Not sure. I'll have to ask my brother, who lives around the corner from there. I'm actually looking forward to it opening. The one in Pembroke has a great atmosphere, and as I said, the beer selection is terrific, especially if you like porters, stouts, and ales.