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bay area ethnic buffets

anyone got any recs? Indian to Korean and anything inbeteween

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      Oh YES! Helmand is Afghani...we had a terrific lunch Chowdown there.....do a search...we were all very happy! I really want to do it again!

    2. For Korean, I vote Palace Buffet in Santa Clara. I'd recommend going for lunch vs. dinner as it's much more affordable for lunch and the dinner selection isn't that much better IMHO.

      For Indian, it's a toss up between Sneha (or whatever its new name is) down in Sunnyvale off of Lawrence Expressway or Bombay Garden on the corner of Cedar and Mowry in Fremont. Both Indian places are great, featuring a wide selection of well prepared dishes. Bombay Garden is considerably nicer inside than Sneha (or whatever its new name is) :)

      1. We like Priya for Indian in West Berkeley near on San Pablo Avenue just south of University - $6.99 for lunch on weekdays!

        1. korea house on el camino in Sunnyvale has a lunch buffet

          1. Love Amber India's lunch buffet. The original one in Mountain View.

            1. Khana Peena on Solano for Indian. Open weekends!

              And Palace Buffet in Sunnyvale was wowzer when I was down there--but maybe 5 years ago.

              1. What are good indian items to order from a buffet? I have only tried Indian a few times and would like to try it again. Does indian food generally incorperate youghurt in all the dishes, I just cant bare the taste of it

                1. You take whatever looks good and try it. Most of the creamy looking dishes have cream in them. Tandoori chicken is always safe. Avoid the raita (a yogurt dish with minced vegetables and mint in it) supposed to cool the palate.

                  Just try it.

                  1. My favorite indian buffet is Passage to India near the MV/Palo Alto border. The chopped salad is bizarrely tasty (one of the few times I'll eat cucumbers)

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                      I'll also second this. Passage to India has a very good buffet.

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                        Passage to India is my favorite Indian buffet in the Bay Area. My review and ranking of other Indian buffets can be found at the link. Passage has even more items than when I originally posted that you usually only find in South Indian chaat places like masala dosa, aloo tikki, pav bhaji, and the like. They're the best things there, too.

                        Passage to India? - More Like Passage to Tasty Buffet in Mountain View

                        Love The Helmand for Afghan. Shebele Ethiopian buffet in San Jose isn't bad. Palace BBQ is pretty good if you like Korean BBQ.