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Jul 10, 2006 05:46 PM

Happy Hour- Palo Alto?

Anyone with recommendations for a good beer place with a great deal for Happy Hour in Palo Alto? Read that the Old Pro Bar has $5 pitchers.

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  1. Old Pro was a standard when I was working down there. Note that there are 2 locations, one downtown (the "new" Old Pro), and one at Page Mill and El Camino (the "old" one). While the new one has a more convenient location, as it's easy to walk to dinner somewhere downtown post-happy-hour, I much prefer the old location, especially in terms of watching sports. The new one downtown has fancy flat screens hanging on the walls, but overall the viewing angles are much better at the old one, in my opinion. A little dingy, a little cozy, it just feels more like a sports bar should feel.

    The $5 pitchers are limited to just a few beer choices, if I recall - standards like Bud Light, etc. However, the choice does also include Old Pro Pale Ale, which is actually pretty decent.

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      For better or worse, the one in downtown Palo Alto closed down a little while ago.

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        Was down there this evening, it looks like it's just closed for renovations. Sign says they'll be reopen in August - bigger restaurant, more seats, more tvs, etc.

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          The "new" Old Pro just reopened this week.

    2. I also like Rose and Crown downtown. Don't remember if they have any happy hour specials, but they have as good a beer selection as you'll find in Palo Alto.

      1. Agree with nsheth that the downtown old pro is not a great place to watch sports. It also feels too sterile for a sportsbar. The other location is in a very cool building --looks like an old Quansut hut, but I've given up on that one as well. They haven't figured out how to consistently keep beer cold (it's not hard) so there have been many times where it was undrinkably warm. The food is, with a couple of exceptions (onion rings, burgers ok), just awful. Nachos are made with chips that taste like they've been in storage for awhile and I once had a pepperoni pizza there where they ran out of pepperoni and substituted hot dogs! I don't know of beer specials elsewhere (Compadres?), but overall I think you are much better off at the Oasis, Dutch Goose or elsewhere, especially if you are hungry.

        1. PS ... If you really want to hang out at a great dive, try Antonio's Nut House on California Avenue in Palo Alto. I don't know whether they have happy hour prices, but their pitchers are very cheap to start with ($8 to $10 range), they have free peanuts, pool tables, an attached Mexican grill, and TVs. Draws a crowd ranging from the local boozers to Stanford MBA students out slumming.

          1. We had been looking forward to going to the reopening for MONTHS!!! On the first Sunday of football season we went. It took 45 minutes for them to bring my friends food, then they said they had lost the order. After another 20 minutes they brought the food - but the wrong food! We asked for the waitress to come over and never did after 20 minutes. So my friend went to talk to the manager and asked to changer her order entirely at this point. She was told "maybe this isn't the best place for you." So she went to get a bagel from another place around the corner. She brought it back and as she was eating it a new waitress came over and told her no outside food. My friend explained the situation and asked for the manager again. Instead, the waitress came back and said we needed to leave as per the manager. When we got out check the food we had order but was wrong was still on the check! So they screw up our order, take over an hour, still don't get it right.....and we get kicked out???? The manager did not even have the guts to come over and say anything to us! This isn't the first time we have received bad service there. I have sat there for 30 minutes before anyone even came over to get our drink order but I loved the atmosphere so I ignored it. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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              Some people might say it's not a coincidence that you can earn miles by eating there (never at the old location, only at the new one). ;-)