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Jul 10, 2006 05:46 PM

Sonoma Wine "collective"

I've found quite a few in Napa (The Bounty Hunter, Vintner's Collective, etc) but nothing in Sonoma. We're looking for someplace that is focused on smaller "boutique" producers...thanks everybody.

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  1. There is one right on the square, on the same side as Chicos and Maya. Sorry, can't remember its name.

    1. If you're looking for a tasting room that hosts the wines of many wineries, there is one in Geyserville: LOCALS.

      The wines range from bad to quite good.

      I'm not sure what you mean by "collective," though, so this might not be helpful.

      1. Essentially a place where smaller Sonoma "side" vineyards that don't necessarily get a lot of foot traffic are under one roof

        I'm REALLY looking forward to Locals - for whatever reason I'm under the impression that they mostly focus on Napa wines. #1) Is that correct & #2) if it's only Napa, is there somewhere compatible in Sonoma.

        Thanks again!!

        1. I don't think "Locals" is about Napa, it's in Sonoma County. I think it has Alexander and Dry Creek Valley wines. In Dry Creek Valley there's a new collective of small Dry Creek Valley wineries at 4791 Dry Creek Road. Family Wineries, I think it's called, but maybe the sign says Timber Crest, it looks a bit confusing.

          1. Can anyone tell me if there are vineyards close to San Francisco? Because of this post I'm assuming there obviously is, but about how far out from the city does wine country start?

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              Hmm, the closest commercial vineyards to SF are probably the ones in Woodside, south of SF or in Marin County. SF has a couple of bonded wineries in the City limits but no vineyards, AFAIK. You can also take the ferry across the bay to Rosenblum in Alameda. No vineyards, but some very good wines.

              Disclaimer: Dr. Rosenblum is a personal friend.