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ISO Fried Clams

Is there anywhere in Manhattan that has whole-belly fried clams that are worth eating? I am NOT looking for clam strips (ew.) I am looking for good, Ipswich-style fried clams for a homesick New Englander.

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  1. Mary's Fish Camp, among the many things they do well are fried belly clams. If you ever get out to Long Island, Bigelows in Rockville Center just off Sunrise highway does great fried belly clams.

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      I second Mary's Fish Camp. Does Pearl's have it too?!?

    2. Haven't tried them, but they're on the menu downstairs at BLT Fish, too.

      1. I second Mary's Fish Camp! I must advise, they don't take reservations and the lines are long. Worth the wait!

        1. Gotta say I'm a huge fried clam fan...and stuartlafonda couldn't had it more right, Bigelows in Rockville Center's dare I say the best in NY state...but for the city I've found them at Fresh (sandy), Grand Central Oyster Bar (good), Cellar Bar ($$$), Mary's Fish Camp(solid) & Docks (eh) . I think that's all I've tried in the city but you can goto www.menupages.com and do a "find-a-food" search. Good luck & happy Clamming!

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            Thanks for the rec about the Oyster Bar. I work right near there but have never tried anything other than the oysters!

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              The sad truth is you're going to have to leave the city if you want really good bellies...the closest place is Bigelow's in Rockville Center.

          2. Just wanted to update: the fried clams at GC Oyster Bar were terribly dissapointing. Tiny bellies, extremely dissapointing batter (more like what you would fry zucchini slices in if you were a cheap pizza joint.) Just tasteless all around.

            Anyway, to summarize: still looking for excellent full-belly fried clams. No clam strips need apply.

            1. tides on norfolk just above delancey has a great app of fried oysters and fried clams. really light and tasty batter too.....

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                I was at Tides about two weeks ago and had a really good meal. I ordered the fried oyster/clams and while I enjoyed it, the oysters were special, the clams, not so much. I still would go with mary's for fried belly clams.

              2. Ed's Lobster down at Lafayette has super big bellies.

                1. Good luck. I've been to Ed's, Mary's, GCOB, City Island, Bigelow's, etc., all of which have Ipswiches, none of which know how to cook them. Bland fritters. Maine is the place.

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                    had some pretty good fried clams at ditch plains.

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                        My last time there clams were all greasy batter, no clams.