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Jul 10, 2006 05:39 PM

cynar availability

Which liquor stores in DC might carry or at least order some Cynar, the Italian artichoke-based bitter?

I'm looking to buy a bottle or three, not just a drink in a bar. Am not having much luck calling at random via the yellow pages.

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  1. Try Calvert Woodley / If you dont mind me asking, what are you going to do with it.

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    1. re: leah

      Leah, thanks! Calvert Woodley does carry Cynar: $16/bottle.

      I plan on drinking it, as an aperitif. A friend recently served it to me over ice, chilled, with a dash of soda and a slice of orange. I've also heard it mixes well with bourbon, kind of like a Manhattan with the Cynar substituting for vermouth.

    2. Ahh, I love the stuff. Great summer drink. I am currently working my way through a bottle of the Sicilian version, Averna.

      If you can't find it in DC, I believe both Mastellone's and DiPasquali's up here in Baltimore carry it.

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      1. re: KAZ

        Kaz, how do you usually drink Averna? Just over ice?

        1. re: benzipperer

          Yes, that's how I normally drink it, though I'd love a great recipe.

          I do drink Cynar with the occasional splash of soda as you mentioned above.

          My favorite Cynar story is going into Brewer's Art and seeing a bottle behind the bar. I was pleasently surprised to see it available, so I asked for a drink on the rocks. The bartender looked at me like I had three heads. It was only after I pointed out the bottle that he believed me that they do have it. Another bartender came by and mentioned that the chef bought the bottle a few years ago to be used in a dish (?) and the leftovers made its way behind the bar. I still look for it each time I go in and monitor the level. It rarely moves.

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        1. I was @ the wine source a store in hampden i know that they had a few bottles there.

          1. Cynar is available at Snyder's on Capitol Hill in DC. Mass Ave & 3rd NE. It's a great shop with a very helpfull staff. FWIW, Jason Wilson of the Washington Post has just written an article concerning Cynar.