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Jul 10, 2006 05:37 PM

Le Creuset cookware chipped..

My Le Creuset teapot got a huge chip in the enamel (blue). Does anyone know where I can find enamel paint to repair this? I went on their website and emailed the company twice and never got a response.

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  1. Perhaps call a LC store? I know that their cookware works fine with small chips in it, but can't help you in terms of painting over it. Sorry.

    1. The tea kettle is enamel on steel isn't it? Sort of like the Copco kettles and Dansk enameled casseroles. Boy that stuff is chip city and there is not much to do with it but live with it or replace it. That stuff chips so very easily. It won't effect use, but it is just not as pretty any more. I don't know of many paints except for black wood stove paint that is made to withstand cooking temperatures.

      1. i thought that le creuset would repair or replace free of charge, except for the horrendous shipping charge.

        1. Le Creuset has a toll free number: 1-800-creuset. They are very helpful. Many of their cookware has a lifetime warranty, therefore, you might be able to get a replacement.

          1. LC will only replace if they determine the chip is a defect that they created. They won't replace if you drop a pot or burn it. I bought a LC pot, new, that was chipped. You call them, they send you a mailing # and you send it to them. They replaced my pot, I paid the shipping one way.