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Jul 10, 2006 05:27 PM

Additional Santa Barbara suggestions -- around state st

I have been looking through previous posts and gotten some ideas for finding a perfect spot for a bachelorette party in santa barbara. However, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a spot that is more in the vacinity of state st (aka -- the bar scene) since we will be going out afterwards. We are a group of 10 girls, 25-30 years old, ready to let loose. Looking for good but affordable food ($15-20 entrees), interesting drink concoctions, fun ambience, and in the vacinity of the hip going out spots. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you in advance .....

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  1. The Brewhouse - near the ocean on a side street from State Street - funky, drinking party place with good food - young, noisy crowd. Let 'er rip. But drive responsibly!

      1. Thanks for the suggestions, while we're at it, anyone know of an amazing/quaint breakfast spot? Much appreciated!

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          Tupelo Junction Cafe in the Granada Bldg, 1212 State Street

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            Anderson's Bakery - outdoor tables in the 1100 block of State Street, near La Arcada Court

            The Brown Pelican at Hendry's Beach at the end of Las Positas Road, near Hope Ranch.

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              Additional dinner spots near state street and the action Blue Agave or Rocks - although you might check prices.

              Breakfast - I like Los Arroyos, mexican breakfasts.

        2. The good old historic Rose Cafe for Huevos Ranchera on Haley Street for breakfast. Just an old traditional Mexican cafe in a modest neighborhood. What you see is what you get - friendly, no frills atmosphere and a down-home local place. Esau's is another very traditional cafe on State Street - which is closing down soon. Loss of a major SB tradition.

          My own personal breakfast indulgence for the menu item alone is the IHOP on State Street for their Swedish pancakes with lignonberry jam. Plus there is an awesome Morton Bay Fig Tree growing in the middle of the restaurant.

          1. You might think about Opal for your dinner event. Funny, because I poo-poo'ed Opal in another post. But that was in response to someone who wanted really deluxe food. Opal has a fun atmosphere and vibe and good food and reasonably priced wine and other fun mixed drinks. It's on the upper end of State, an easy walk (or tram ride) for you and the other partiers to bars.

            Another poster mentioned Rocks, which is very centrally located and always rowdy. Can't vouch for the food though.

            For your breakfast you might consider the downtown branch of Cajun Kitchen (there are several local outposts). It's very popular and a (small) step up from a stereotypical coffee shop.

            Other breakfast spots others mentioned that I also endorse are Tupelo Junction and the Brown Pelican (nice beach setting).

            Have fun!