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Jul 10, 2006 05:20 PM

KC - Rumi's/Lebanese Food

My husband will be travelling to KC in a couple of weeks with a group of Iraqis who only eat Middle Eastern food. I've discovered Rumi's, and am wondering if there are any additional options that he should consider.

Thanks from a Manhattan (NY) CH.

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  1. Habashi House is the City Market is good. It's a very casual place, with disposables, but the food is home cooking, like an Arabic grandmother might make. Very reasonably priced as well. The Market might be of interest to your guests, as well. Rumi is good, but a little more upscale, with a more involved menu than Habashi House, but in my opinion the food doesn't quite have the soul that Habashi House does.

    1. Greatly appreciate the information - they may need to use both options!

      1. This might be a bit late, but if you're willing to travel to Johnson County on the Kansas side, KC Kabob & Grill on 87th & Pflumm is awesome. They have a great lunch buffet, with about 12-15 items, all excellent. Their dinners are basically what's on the buffet, and all are priced quite reasonably.

        There's also a buffet on 119th called Marrakesh Cafe. I thought it was fine, but I've heard the quality there is hit and miss.