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Jul 10, 2006 05:16 PM

Barone's, Cinch updates

Barone's, that "legend" of Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, is opening in its new location at 13726 Oxnard St., just west of Woodman, on Tuesday, July 11 at 11a.m.
And for those that did not see my comment on another thread regarding dressy restaurants, Cinch in Santa Monica is now closed, except for the lounge on the weekends. Their web site is linked on that thread, or cinchrestaurant dot com will access that info.

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  1. Hi Carter! My mom would like to know if Barone's is opening up in the old Matterhorn space. I know you'll know. Thanks!

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    1. re: Suebee

      Well, I'm not Carter, but yes, Barone's is opening in the old Matterhorn Chef (R.I.P.) space.

    2. cinch closed ?!?!? its about time - terrible food - i kinda liked the look of the place but it was all show and no go...

      1. I've been craving a Barone's pizza for months since they vacated the old location and I just got back from picking up my large, rectangular 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 sausage on opening nite at the new Barones.

        Pizza hasn't changed a bit from the old location.

        Word must've gone out - the place was packed! I called in my order and they said it would take 90 minutes!! Got there at 8pm and waited 20 more minutes for my order.

        While waiting, I saw that several customers with reservations were still waiting nearly an hour for a table. Unfortunately for everyone, the computer system was down and the staff was a little overwhealmed by the crowds.

        Felt bad for the staff and left an extra large tip. Hope they survive the kinks that go along with opening a new restaurant/location.

        I personally am glad to see Barones back!!

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        1. re: RacerX

          Has the decor changed much if at all?

          And did they have any entertainment?

          1. re: okie

            I've never been to the old Matterhorn Chef so I dont know how much remodeling they've done,

            Decor-wise the new Barones seems stylistically similar to their old location. Not as dark and of course not as worn and faded , but the same old school booths, and such.

            I only ate inside at their old location a couple of times; I usually got take out but it seemed as if a lot of the old staff came over to the new location as well.

          1. Went to Barone's today for lunch. Got there at about 2:30 and first thing I find out is that their oven isnt working due to a gas leak but they are serving pizza and salad. So we split the Italian Salad and a medium house combo pizza. Food was good, wish there were more olives in the salad, but it was very crisp and fresh! Loved the pizza, the ingredients seemed homemade and that rectangular cut really gives you the illusion you're not eating as much, LOL. I really dont know how they were able to heat up the pizzas without the oven, but it was hot when we got it! Service seemed a little unorganized and unclear of how to handle things and the funniest part was the valet who moved the car for us when there were no cars, I guess he thought my friend didnt know how to drive straight and had to move it for her, LOL. Anywho, I want to go back after work when I can enjoy a beer with my pizza :) I will be back.