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Jul 10, 2006 05:02 PM

Chicago style dogs..Linden NJ

J's beef on RT.27 linden...

Steamed garlicky beef dog,seeded bun,yellow mustard,very green relish,chopped raw onion,hot peppers,pickle and celery salt.
Don't know if it was the authentic Chicago style, but it was OK with me....

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  1. I've been to J's numerous times and I can say that it is definitely an authentic Chicago style dog. Although I myself am not crazy about a dog with all that stuff on it, many people like it. Jack, the owner, told me that the dogs (Vienna Beef) and most of the condiments are shipped in from Chicago. He grew up in Chicago and is familiar with this type of dog. We went there with the Star Ledger's Munchmobile team.

    1. It was your post that lead me to J's

      1. Made the trek to Linden today (actually, had to pick up dear wife at Newark airport) for J's Beef. Met the owner, Jack, and had a nice chat about the comparative merits of a couple of Chicago Italian Beef purveyors.

        Anyhow, to cut to the chase, I had intended on having an Italian Beef Sandwich (wet, of course) and then following that with a Chicago Hot Dog (with sport peppers, of course). I didn't follow through, since the Italian Beef was too much to follow with more.

        This was an awesome sandwich, almost swimming in the sauce in the bottom of the serving dish. You should really ask for a fork when you get it wet, since the roll almost falls apart in your hands.

        I place this sandwich on a par with Katz Deli for a combination of flavor and tenderness, but far above for value, since the sandwich is less than five bucks, compared to the 13 for a Katz pastrami on rye.

        Jack also let me have a taste of his mesquite smoked brisket and his pulled pork, but, for my money, the italian beef will keep me coming back again and again, even though I am more than 100 miles away.

        I guess that I'll just have to send the wife out of town more often out of EWR. And, yes, I'll have the hot dog, too!

        1. Where on Rt 27 is this place? It sounds too good to be true!

          BTW, several weeks ago I posted messages about Syrena's and Pulaski, two Polish shops in Linden that sell food, prepared dinners, and lots of different types of kielbasca. I've seen other similar places that I have not explored. Also, Beinstein's Village Bakery is also in Linden (on St. Georges Ave), and their stuff is good. Linden is obviously a diamond in the rough for Jersey Chowhounders.


          1. J's Beef
            902 W. St. Georges Ave.
            Linden, N.J.

            I think they are closed on Sundays, but call first to be sure...