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Jul 10, 2006 04:59 PM

Best salads in SF?

Hi, sister is coming to visit me next week. She's on a low carb diet and I think she likes to eat salads, any suggestions?

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  1. Flytrap's Limestone Lettuce Salad is a classic favourite but the rest of the menu isnt particularly low-carb

    Bar Crudo is good for low carb if she likes raw fish. I had a great lobster salad there, it was a special though. [The lobster was cooked not raw]

    I have had really great salads at Coco500 too, especially one with toasted hazlenuts and avocado, but I think maybe that was a special.

    Medicine Eat Station does a wonderful salad with spinach leaves and cashews and grapefruit. it is wonderful and probably the best thing I tasted on their menu.

    1. If the two of you are downtown for lunch, you might want to try Mixt, on Sansome, which has a good range of ingredients from which you can create your own salads.

      1. The version of green papaya salad they do at Betelnut is outstanding.

        1. the Wildflower Cafe downtown has a pretty decent salad bar. the salads at Pluto's are pretty good also.

          1. There was a recent positive report about Green's. Cafe Gratitude does nice salads and the attitude there is either entertaining or annoying depending on your mind set.