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Best salads in SF?

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Hi, sister is coming to visit me next week. She's on a low carb diet and I think she likes to eat salads, any suggestions?

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  1. Flytrap's Limestone Lettuce Salad is a classic favourite but the rest of the menu isnt particularly low-carb

    Bar Crudo is good for low carb if she likes raw fish. I had a great lobster salad there, it was a special though. [The lobster was cooked not raw]

    I have had really great salads at Coco500 too, especially one with toasted hazlenuts and avocado, but I think maybe that was a special.

    Medicine Eat Station does a wonderful salad with spinach leaves and cashews and grapefruit. it is wonderful and probably the best thing I tasted on their menu.

    1. If the two of you are downtown for lunch, you might want to try Mixt, on Sansome, which has a good range of ingredients from which you can create your own salads.

      1. The version of green papaya salad they do at Betelnut is outstanding.

        1. the Wildflower Cafe downtown has a pretty decent salad bar. the salads at Pluto's are pretty good also.

          1. There was a recent positive report about Green's. Cafe Gratitude does nice salads and the attitude there is either entertaining or annoying depending on your mind set.

            1. There is a cafe in the Marina district, I think it's called "Lettuce" (seriously =)). My boyfriend had a very nice looking salad there. The place can be a bit on the "wheatgrass" side of things though.

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                It's even worse than that, the name is Lettus. Here's my post on brunch.


              2. If you find yourself in Berkeley south of campus, there is Cafe Intermezzo. I have met exactly one person who is able to finish one whole salad. They look big, but not too big. Then you eat some and as the rest is no longer being compressed down, it expands to fill the now available space. Either that or more lettuce teleports into your bowl from the 4th dimension. Honestly, their salads are unreal. Two people are able to finish one of their salads, after valiant, ceaseless efforts. Fortunately, you can also order half salads.

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                  I'm a big fan of Cafe Intermezzo's huge salads. I have a big appetite, so I always finish the whole salad, but it takes time, and I cheat a little bit by declining the big hunk of bread and usually pass on croutons as well. I agree, it's big enough for two people to share for a meal. I wish there was something like Cafe Intermezzo's big salad (under $6) in San Francisco.

                2. Blue Plate does a great grilled hearts of romaine salad, and I have had delicious Cobb salad at Delancey Street Restaurant several times over the last few years.

                  Blue Plate
                  3218 Mission Street at Valencia

                  Delancey Street Restaurant
                  600 Embarcadero Street
                  (415) 512-5179

                  1. My favorite all time house salad in SF is at Ti Couz. Not the orgnic one, just the regular house. I think it's dressed perfectly and has some nice greens like watercress you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhwhere.

                    Of course Chez Panisse makes some of the best salads around but that's a fancee meal...

                    I happen to think Cafe gratitude does an amazing job with vegetables and hi protein, whole food grains and nuts. Here's my review:


                    I especially like the sea vegetable salad. They have locations in the east bay and SF.

                    The salads are fresh at Hog Island Oyster Co, and the oysters of course are pure protein...!

                    And I love that grilled hearts of romaine salad at Blue Plate, but I would't say it's low fat.

                    1. Neither one of the salads I recommended is low fat--by far the opposite as a matter of fact--but the OP requested delicious low carb options.

                      I also love the seafood salad at Ti Couz, although it does contain a small amount of rice, which might be a problem for the low-carb loving sister.


                      1. Neimans has great salads!

                        1. You could take her to House of Prime rib and then you could gorge yourself on Meat and that awesome salad they make at your table.
                          that if she is just eschewing the carbs, she can totally load up on the delicious fats of prime rib and creamed spinach and that crazy awesome fattening salad.

                          oh my goodness, i think i need to eat my lunch now....

                          1. Nom (green papaya salad) at Bodega Bistro is awesome.

                            Best Cesear salad ever at Zuni.

                            the rainbow salad and tea leaf salad at Burma Super Star are very good, very healthy, and unique (not sure if they are low-carb tho).

                            if she likes thai try thai house express for their larb. basically really tasty meat or chicken salads thai style.

                            1. Maybe not a great place to take your sister (unless you have a secret urge to sabatoge her diet), but Citizen Cake has fantastic salads.