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Jul 10, 2006 04:58 PM

Lots of Grape Leaves

I recently picked grape leaves and did my usual stuffing of them. I'm getting ready to freeze the leaves I didn't use and was wondering if anyone has any unique uses other than the usual stuffed grape leaves.

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  1. With what are you stuffing them? I like to take a piece of cheese (esp goat cheese), put a basil leave on it, top it with a piece of roasted red pepper, wrap it in grape leaves, and grill it over low heat. Excellent. You may want to tie some string around it to hold it together.

    1. Are you talking table grape leaves or wine grape leaves? Homegrown? I'm wondering because living in Napa I am often eyeing vineyards and imagining dolmas but I am worried about sulfur.

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        I stuffed them with a rice stuffing, and some with a rice and lamb meat stuffing (Dolmas). The leaves come from grape vines in my yard, concord grapes probably. I was looking for something a little different than the usual like Darren72's idea...THANKS, that sounds good and will try it and let you know how I do.

      2. You could wrap fish (halibut, sardines, salmon, sole) in grape leaves and grill it, it's delicious. Season fish with salt and pepper and olive oil first, maybe a little citus zest too, then wrap and grill over med-high heat. It will impart a smoky, herbaceous flavor and the leaves will get a little crispy. If they are young and tender you may be able to eat them, otherwise just open up the package and enjoy the fish alone. Same thing can be done with softer cheeses, like chevre.