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Jul 10, 2006 04:30 PM

Brunch at Plough & Stars, and a reminder about Blue Ribbon BBQ

Tried the Sunday brunch at the Plough and stuck around to watch the World Cup Final. What a great spot to watch the futball.... and that was the main reason for going, but I was also really impressed with the food. I had Irish breakfast which is a huge plate of two eggs, bangers, black and white pudding, a thick slab of Irish bacon, homefries and toast. All for $9.95. Ooof. Friends got the poached eggs over hash of pork confit with roasted garlic hollandaise (exactly as rich as it sounds. One mouthful was enough. But delicious.) and the Other White Meat lovers' omelet which had sausage, bacon, and cheddar. Gawd. Big fluffy eggy goodness. I was also tempted to try the pan fried chicken with cheddar grits but was in the mood for breakfast to go with my bloody mary. Not as good as the bloodies at the East Coast Grill but more than decent at $5. Really good place, nice people, good crowd. I want to go back to try the cubano soon.

The reminder about Blue Ribbon is for myself as much as anyone else ... picked up a duo on Saturday night with brisket, pulled pork, sides of mashed and collards. It's simply a ton of food for $13 and it's very very good. I always assume people know about the quality of this que, but I wanted to mention it for new members.

I fell off the wagon hard with this weekend of eating, but it was all worth it.

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  1. Was there a wait for a table? I'm obsessed with never having to wait for breakfast again.

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      Nope. We walked right in at 12:30. There were several tables empty. Started to fill up closer to game time, but I think a lot of people are out of town and so places are quiet. The bar at East Coast Grill was empty Saturday at 8:30. Literally, me and my friend were the only 2 at the bar for a good 20 minutes. It ebbed and flowed all night but it was pretty stress-free.

    2. I absolutely LOVE brunch at the Plough. I'm a little sad to see the post because it's been such a good "secret spot." The omlettes are huge and fluffy but the hash is my fave- rich, and fresh. I think it's an amazing deal as well.

      Occasionally there is no brunch so it may be worth a call before heading over. A few weeks ago I arrived and was distressed that the kitchen was closed.

      Weekly I see the same gray haired bartender who is so darn nice to be around. The scene is great to watch and the sessions on Sunday are great. Fun to watch the locals get out and dance.

      On most occasions I haven't had to wait for a table but it's usually mobbed by 1 p.m. and it can get a little tight. Since the servers and bartender are so terrific I've hardly noticed. Additionally the people watching can be pretty great there. I'd say it's worth hanging in with the crowds just for the entertainment. Nice folks all around.

      I went for lunch on Saturday and tried the new wing app, which is amazing. If I recall correctly they were covered in a gooey, sweet and tart orange glaze. marvleous! I think the Cuban is still the stand out. Get it for two, it's monstrous and the fries are so good that you will want to make sure you have room to devour those as well.

      For those who enjoy the pub brunch atmosphere you may want to keep an eye for expanding hours at Atwoods. I spoke with the owner and they intend to start brunch very soon. My quick bites there have been pretty good so far so it should be worth checking out.

      1. In response to the first post. I am a "new" regular at the Plough and I just wanted to A) agree that brunch is great, and B)make sure that anyone who is interested should know that their brunch is NOT occasional. It is always on from 11:30-3:00pm every Sunday. The new owners (all of them very nice and funny!)affirmed that they have had brunch from the beginning and will never not have brunch, unless it falls on X-mas.

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          I actually did go a couple weeks ago at 1 p.m and the kitchen was closed. I've been going since they re-opened and it's the only time that happened. I certainly didn't mean to suggest that they are flakey at all. Perhaps the kitchen was closed due the futball mob scene. On that day it would have been tough to turn out brunch for so many...

        2. P.S. The Fried Chicken is possibly the best fried chicken I've ever had, and they just put it on the summer dinner menu with German potato salad in place of grits! Unbelievable!

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            I tried the cubano finally. Really good and a bargain at $8. I still prefer the sandwich at Chez Henri -- the Plough adds chipotle aioli and cornichons, I prefer the original with mustard and slices of pickle. They use a focaccia-like bread, as someone noted in a recent review, and though I prefer the cuban torpedo roll at CH, I like this one too. Nicely pressed, with ham and roast pork with Gruyere (very mild; wish there had been more assertive cheese flavor, but not a biggie). But the fries served with the sandwich are great -- thick wedges like pub fries, perfectly cooked and seasoned. They are *not* an afterthought on the plate like so many other fries. The bartender was mellow and we chatted about various cubanos in the city. The rest of the menu looked good too, with soups, sandwiches and a couple of specials. Need to try that fried chicken ... although I LOVE grits, so maybe I'll wait until cooler weather. Anyway, I could really see becoming a regular at the Plough.