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Jul 10, 2006 04:28 PM

Best Blender in your opinion?

Hi everyone. We're looking for a blender. something not too terribly expensive but one that will actually blend well. Any suggestions?

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  1. I have a Krups that I bought on for maybe $25 or so. It's large and it certainly does the job.

    1. I love my Waring blender ... don't know if that is in the price range you are considering.

      1. I have the KitchenAid ($100). I love the "liquify" button, which is mostly what I use it for, for soups. Powerful motor, it's easy to wash, and all the buttons are flush against the surface, so very easy to wipe clean. But I think when America's Test Kitchen tested blenders, the Kitchenaid did not come in first, maybe second or third; think they found that it left some bits at the bottom. I like the blender very much, though.

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          I am very happy with my KitchenAid too. When my last one had a prob (can't remember what it was), they quickly replaced it with a reconditioned one that was indistinguishable from new, an upgrade from the old one and has worked like a trooper for the last several years.

          Great products. Great customer service.

        2. I have a special edition Cuisinart that I'm not sure is available anymore.

          It has a big wide jar and the base also accomodates the small 4 cup food processor, more than big enough for my wife and I.

          Apart from that, the Hamilton Beach commercial blenders with metal jar from restaurant supply stores are reliable and very powerful, no different settings just on/off though.

          1. Osterizer beehive with glass blender jar. The best.