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Jul 10, 2006 04:09 PM

Cake Love - A Second Location?!?!?!?

Just saw in this moring's Washington Post Express that Cake Love is looking to expand in the DC area to one of the suburbs. The article in Express poses it as though they are looking to customers to help them determine where they should open their next Cake Love location.

I found this amusing and thought it worth sharing since on these boards we all (yours truly included) tend to pan Cake Love as the last place to go in DC for baked goods.

So, I wonder, is this more ego from Warren, or does he really have the following to warrant another location?

As for where he should put the new locale, he can skip VA as far as I'm concerned. I'm still holding out hope for a Buttercup Bakeshop!

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  1. My husband and I went to the Silver Spring location last weekend and really enjoyed the cupcakes. I think he should look into opening a store in Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg. We have no bakery worth purchasing from in miles.

    1. Like so many other things pertaining to food and otherwise, demand and quality are not always directly linked. Having a show on food network can certainly drive up that demand. And really, for the most part, the stuff that I've had there in a few visits isn't *bad* at all...just not nearly the best option around and quite overpriced.

      1. The Silver Spring location has been open for a few months now.

        As to the quality, Lowbar's take is about as generous as is possible. IMO his stuff ranges from mediocre to fairly bad (dry dry cake and gloppy frostings), and it's grotesquely overpriced. And it's been that way from day one, well before the food network gig got started. I'm sorry, but law school is just no substitute for baking school, and this case proves it. Love only goes so far, in baking and, ahem, other things. You have to have skill. He doesn't.

        Basically, he shows what can be done with a good story, even in the absence of a good product.

        unicom---pray for the Intercounty Connector, so you can drive over to Laurel and get good cake at Cakes Plus.

        1. Do you know if I can order a rum cake from Cakes Plus? My mom is coming to town for her b-day this weekend and is definitely her favorite.

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            Order one from negril in silver spring. far better than cakelove.

          2. I didn't realize that CakeLove already had a Silver Spring location.

            I agree - the fame of FoodTV has certainly helped Warren out. And, his concept is good. Too bad the baked goods don't deliver.

            I'd prefer a grocery store cupcake over anything he offers.