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Jul 10, 2006 03:56 PM

Chow Mein-On-A-Bun at Nathan's in Coney Island

I noticed yesterday that one of my childhood favorites, the chow mein sandwich, is still served at the original Nathan's in Coney Island, currently priced at $2.99. Has anyone tried it recently? The chow mein is also sold by the bowl for $3.49. I wonder where it comes from?

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  1. My wife insisted on trying it last year when we were there to also relive a childhood memory-although I strongly urged her not to at the ridiculous price they're getting for this. She did enjoy it but I still don't get it. By the way do you remember the roast pork sandwich they sold? I miss the delicious clam BROTH they used to sell-I'm going back, but I paid a dime for it.

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      I remember the roast pork sandwiches but do you remember the orange drinks that they sold in real glasses next to the hot dog grill?

      1. re: Scagnetti

        Yes and before the outdoor seating was put in, there was a separate free-standing vending area which sold hot butttered corn, watermelon and custard. The best hot dogs in those days,however, were ON the boardwalk at Hebrew National. I can still hear the guy screaming "a doggy, a doggy!"

    2. Remember CHOW CHOW CUP on Coney Island Ave where Big Daddy's was (at Btwn Aves X and Y)? They had chow mein in a fried noodle cup you ate after the chow mein was finished. Did Nathan's ever have a similar cup?

      Also, a fave of my mother's during the mid '60 was Nathan's frog legs. I had them but was not thrilled as she was. Do you know of any fast food places still serving them?

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        I believe frogs legs are still up on the board at the Coney Island Nathan's.

      2. I had the chow mein sandwich about 2 years ago on a (faux) nostalgia (I'm not old enough for this to be authentic nostalgia) trip to Coney Island.

        Yuck. Your childhood can keep it.

        1. Yes, frog legs are still on the menu at the Nathan's in Coney Island, $6.99 for a standard portion and $8.99 for a larger one. There is also a frog leg platter at $7.99. Two other longtime favorites that remain are the lobster sandwich, now $5.99, and the soft-shell crab sandwich, also $5.99.

          1. The lobster sandwich is my favorite Nathan's item, well worth the $5.99. I have never been able to bring myself to order the chow mein on a bun.