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Jul 10, 2006 03:50 PM

International Falls

Any recs for an upcoming one night stop in International Falls, MN?

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  1. The Falls lacks a lot of 'hound choices. But the best I've found has been the Voyagaire, east of IF at the Dougherty's houseboat base. Basic resort country steakhouse, but the best of the area.

    For a change of pace, cross over the border to Ft Francis, ONT, after checking on the backup to get back to the US, line can be looonnngg on weekends during tourist season weekends. Try the Le Rendezvous on the highway to the Noden causeway across Rainey Lake. Standard steakhouse fare. I'd rate average, but a wonderful setting. Try to get a window table and enjoy the view across the lake. My last visit was this spring, and the quality of the food for our group of six was from "pretty good" to "average.

    Been quite a few years since my last visit to Voyageaire, but I remember it as being pretty good.

    You can also check with a few locals about other choices (limited).