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Jul 10, 2006 03:31 PM

Third Date Place for Vegitarian

Hello All!
New to CH, looking for guidance. Third date with a great girl. Looking for someplace fun and relatively quiet/romantic. She is a vegitarian, so take that into consideration. Maybe Mexican food (she loves it). Area-wise, preferably lower than 14th street. West Vil or TriBeCa would be ideal, SoHo would also work well.

Let me know!

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  1. my girlfriend likes cafe el portal on elizabeth. i think the food is okay but its a nice spot on a tiny street in nolita. shrimp tacos are actually quite good but their specialty is mole sauce (not my thing).

    we usually start the dinner with a glass of anejo...and end the night at double happiness on mott off broome...preferably their private area to the left of the bar...

    feel free to try that.

    1. if she likes indian, vatan is a great choice. it's all you can eat vegetarian indian, but not buffet style. i have suggested to many of my vegetarian friends, and they all love it. i'm a meat eater but really liked the food i had there. it's a cute ambience too, sort of super kitschy indian disneyworld. it is above 14th though. but not too far. fun date place.

        1. Blossom is more romantic than Counter, and it is West Village. The garden at Pure Food & Wine is another possibility.

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            Blossom is good, but above 14th Street

          2. Savoy meets your atmosphere/location requirements, is very moderately priced, and has one of the nicest vegetable menus around. I am a reformed-vegetarian carnivore but rarely able to get around to the meats at Savoy because the vegetables are so interesting and well executed (though a few days ago I did have a brilliant duck confit/ duck liver salad).

            For your next date, consider Cafe Boulud!