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Best wings in DC

I would like to start a thread to find out who makes the best wings in the area. I'm not doing this to start an argument on issues that have been discussed. I have a very selfish reason in doing so. I'm tired of craving wings and just going to hte first place that has them and leaving dissapointed, so please if you know where the best wings in the city are, let me know. PS I dont want to read any negatives, like not as good as Buffalo, I just want to know where i can find the best dc has to offer. Thank you all in advance

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  1. there have been prior threads about wings and I think yu'll get lots of feedback.

    Personally, I like the wings at Hooters because I like breaded wings.

    I'm also a HUGE fan of the wings at the Austin Grill locations. They claim their wings to be marinated for 24 hours in a dry rub and then they grill them up. It's not your typical messy wet wing, but man it is good!

    Hard Times has expanded their wing flavor selection and their chili lime wings aren't too bad. You can also get their wings grilled.

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      I love the wings at Austin Grill, different style but very tasty

    2. If you are willing to venture outside of the city, Baileys Irish Pub in Germantown MD has the best unbreaded wings hands down. I also agree with the last post about Austin Grill. Their wings are not messy and quite good.

      1. Bungalow billiards is the best classic hot wing imo, but make sure to get the 3 Mile island sauce.

        Johny's wings are the best non hot wing.

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          Are you talking about Johnny's Half Shell in Dupont Circle? If so, these are far and away the best wings I've had by miles and miles.

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            Those are the ones. Wood fired and delicious.

          1. Rumor's wings are very good--meaty and not over-fried. I prefer to order them without sauce. The grilled chicken wings at Old Glory, which are full-size wings, are also mighty tasty.

            1. Try the wings at Urban BBQ in Rockville. Wonderful.

              1. So, it's not in DC and it's not that close, but if you're willing to drive about thirty minutes out to sterling virginia you can't beat the Buffalo Wing factory....if you're serious about wings, it's worth the treck.

                If you like to make your own, you must buy uncle duggie's hot sauce...so good.

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                  or save yourself some time and go to the one in Chantilly....i agree BWF is good.

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                    sweet! didn't know about one in Chantilly, thanks!

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                      and reston, and ashburn. their all you can eat wing nights vary, or at least used to, so that if you played your cards right you could gain about 10 lbs in 4 days.


                2. i also like the wings at champps, even though they aren't particularly spicy or anything like that. just always flavorful and well-prepared in my experience.